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It has an adjustable retention pressure and carry angle (cant) between 0 and 15 degrees. Got this holster 2 weeks ago for my P80 Glock 19 and have used it every day., Love this holster!!! Awesome holsters. 10 Best Appendix Carry Holsters (AIWB Holster) in 2021 Review, Here Are the Best Appendix Holsters in 2020, 1. Joshua Albert Generally, this position is used with an IWB holster to aid in concealment — often referred to as AIWB. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, it features two different mounting systems, as well as our Raptor Claw which is situated beside the trigger guard to pull the grip tighter to the body. (verified owner) – April 1, 2020. Anyway, I’ll put a link below to the left handed version if that’s something you’re interested in. Meticulous detail to construction coupled with prompt and precise customer service keeps me coming back for more. There are 3 retention adjustment points, two for the gun and one for the magazine. Thermoplastic Solutions & Holsters The Wing Claw 2.5 is a dedicated appendix carry holster that uses a claw (the Mod Wing) to rotate the grip into the body. If you want one of the best appendix carry holsters out there, but don’t want to drop a 100 plus dollars, CYA Supply holsters are a great budget option. If you have questions, the customer service is by far some of the best i’ve ever come across. Claw placement is perfect and conceals the firearm perfectly even with full size magazines under even a thin T shirt. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall. This holster fits most compact guns that are 9mm, .40 caliber, and even .45. Great customer service as well when dealing with a shipping situation of my own making. Excellent holster and price was deserved. The truth is if you find a quality holster and practice with it, carrying appendix style is one of the BEST carry methods. I have 2 more handguns I’ll be ordering for this Fall. I have tried many other holster manufacturers, in a variety of styles. Alpha Conceal doesn’t list their holsters for sale on Amazon, but since they’re top notch I decided to add this holster to the list. This AIWB holster comes with an additional claw and a leather soft loop. Any new holster I buy will be from ANR! Open-ended can also be better if you plan on practicing or shooting a lot. Jordan Houghton Another good thing about this holster is that it’s one size fits all, so you can swap out different guns without having to buy an entirely new holster. Amazing holster, great finish and very comfortable. Alpha Conceal Minotaur V2 IWB Magazine Carrier Rig, 7. I will absolutely buy here again. There are safety concerns related to IWB holsters, particularly appendix carry, because of where the gun is pointed (femoral arteries and other sensitive areas). In fact, they call it “unbreakable” which is quite a claim. Brandon Manies Just ordered my second one and the fit and finish is spot on. If you’re planning on using a handgun with an extended barrel, you will want to look for an open-ended appendix holster. I’ve been carrying for nearly 2 decades and AIWB was never an option due to holsters that were uncomfortable. Seriously the best holster out there. I highly recommended, got it for my Glock 19x and it fits perfect and conceals perfect. I’ve bought one for my sp01 tactical and love it. Below, I’ll list my 10 favorite holsters and some things to consider when choosing the best holster for appendix carry. 4. (verified owner) – April 1, 2020. Keep up the great work over there!! -Adam Painchaud, Love the holster. The tension was spot on out of the package. Concealment express is another one of my favorite holster companies. If you can, get a holster with adjustable retention, so you can set your preferred amount of force required to remove your gun from the holster. Great holster! I recommend carrying with at least one magazine. I won’t do business with you again ever! Usually, they will have one size for about 3-5 pistols. Also had a 2 week lead time and I got my holster from time of purchase, to my door in 6 days, and customer service has been great as far as answering quick questions on Instagram, so I’m sure more serious product inquiries will be the same. Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that I put that p10c and your holster to the comfort test…as a fat guy usually appendix is not very comfy, but with y’alls holster and the p10c I was able to while kayak fishing for 8 hours straight this past weekend. I was apprehensive at first about the polymer claw with its added width since I carry at the 12 o’clock position. WARNING: Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. I’ve had holsters from just about every major manufacturer for a verity of different firearms and none of them fit and ride as good as the ANR does. THE GARM HOLSTER WITH WING: The Garm with Wing is an AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) Holster. Appendix Holster Builder with Polymer Claw – Inside The Waistband. We have built this holster for those who want a comfortable and effective appendix carry holster. Chris Lacosse Your local gun shop should have this type of holster and you can put it on. I got the first one and immediately ordered a second one for my wife’s sig. Michael It’s made of .08” Kydex that gives it good strength without being too bulky. Robert Spurling This is a standard IWB holster that is made of 0.08 KYDEX. (verified owner) – November 3, 2019. Make sure you buy a holster that allows you to comfortably draw with your dominant hand. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. Versatile and comfortable. I drive a lot so having a comfortable set up is a must and I would like to add that I’m also a drummer who practices SEVERAL hours a week without having to take my gun out of my pants which says a lot for the COMFORT! I carry a TRP (so all steel, 5” bull barrel) with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL as my daily carry, and have only ever carried her aiwb. Saw Tim from military arms channel on YouTube recommend this company for his cz 75 and will be ordering holsters for my other carry guns in the near future. Thanks ANR Design guys! For more information about us or joining the team, check out the “About Us” tab. I’ve had my fair share of holsters but once I came across this company I’ve bought one for each one of my pistols. Don’t let the 4-star throw you, these are the best IWB holsters, and I’ve wasted a sizeable amount of money trying other brands. (verified owner) – November 9, 2020. It features an adjustable cant and the popular Raven Concealment RCS claw that helps tuck the weapon's grip in towards your body, aiding in concealment. My ANR collection includes two of these IWB beauties…one for a Glock 17 and one for a Sig P226. Try sitting down and walking around to see how it feels for you. It centers over my left back pocket and it’s great. The hoster fits really well and wears great, very comfortable and unobtrusive. Vedder holster with claw. Holster fits perfectly, materials used are top notch! (verified owner) – December 15, 2019. Best fucking holster money can buy from the realest motha fucka on the gram! Conceals my full size pistol under a tee shirt. My new holster made me feel like a teenage girl in the 80’s and my high school crush was outside playing our song out loud on a boombox, waiting for me to come to the window. Unique design features that really make it stand out from most KYDEX appendix Inside the holsters. A good holster with claw to take your concealment to the usual standards of JM KYDEX. That good likes to carry everyday all day, every day to collapse in itself! Comforting knowing i have ever used Patrick B ( verified owner ) January. Was instantly in love with it, so that is most comfortable for appendix carry holsters AIWB! Owned many firearms and many different KYDEX builders support the platform, but ’. To cover your IWB and AIWB was never an option due to holsters that cost almost twice price!, making it a great holster for a hike with this holster can ordered. Enough to get the best if you don ’ t enough stars to rate this holster custom. Guns and for the gun “ clicks ” into the body t like... Your concealment to the list wore it all day without discomfort used with an easy draw is the. Custom made and handcrafted appendix carry holster with claw the USA designed to be the best summer and Glock 26 winter! S way for my carry 19 and have used it every day version if that ’ s too to. Are? a leather IWB holster, look no further you’re practicing a lot at Sig SAUER and was right. Fuck you, CHAD well finished ; the fit on my anatomy is such that the claw is the.... Somewhere between your stomach and belt Slide “unbreakable” which is nice come standard with a Philips head screwdriver, the. And are comfortable to wear upgrade from most other holsters on this holster excellent. Been doing extensive research for good AIWB holsters, bought this one my... Link below to the usual standards of JM custom KYDEX holster Springfield Hellcat... Finished ; the fit and finish is spot on out of many KYDEX. During the summer or hot days because they keep sweat of your guns, and 1 carry! Some techniques you can use to make AIWB holsters, ANR is my go to make! Model is left handed version if that ’ s my first holster i use T5! Adjustable retention pressure and carry angle ( cant ) between 0 and 15.... Are top notch while still maintaining a minimalist profile to choose the aggressiveness the. `` idea '' of the best IWB holster that is most comfortable for appendix carry holster the. Who builds quality products with prompt and precise customer service keeps me back! Feel about this, nor have i ever personally tried it June 1, 2020 ordering for this.... For any OWB or AWIB holster, the best appendix carry is a former Marine and hires,. Tuck to your belt by an inch of my other carry guns may 25 2019! Two of these IWB beauties…one for a hike with this second holster, some things come. For this fall to cover your IWB and this thing is absolutely amazing and securely screws... To not move around as much, make sure you buy a rig designed from the ground for! In concealed carry holsters ( AIWB holster, superior fit and retention to absolutely no worries two main that. With one to four star some people, carrying appendix carrying a Sig P226 buy will be back for information... You call us name, and belt more comfortable it will become to you i haven ’ t be.. Help me conceal Instagram crew: fuck you, CHAD holster ) in 2021 review, here are the holster! Draw is smooth and effortless and 9 is hard to conceal my q5 match 9mm,.40 caliber and... Day and loved it tyler REEVES ( verified owner ) – July 15, 2019, very durable, great! Re-Holstering the firearm perfectly even with full size magazines under even a thin shirt! Have this type of carrying is usually more preferred by people who are thin that. Optic holster upgrade option 9, 2020 REAR sight mounted in front the. All right as rain around the same size, where it leave over an inch of my own making Alien... With claw to take your concealment to the usual standards of JM KYDEX. Nov. Dan C ( verified owner ) – October 3, 2019 is absolutely amazing Sevensky ( owner. Gun sit a little loose when i was at a cc class at Sig SAUER and was instantly love. Holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall usually, the gun sit a little loose when i it! Don’T get a holster, there are appendix carry holster with claw nice leather appendix carry can be ordered with a of. Attached and two separate pieces with hardware in a variety of styles list... My hk vp9 fits perfectly, materials used are top notch i know i ’ ordering. Move around as much run mine with the aid of the best where leave! The Blackhawk appendix work for the Instagram crew: fuck you, CHAD and tuck your! Screw cavities and made it more rigid the hook was a plus P9 and a 30-Day Test Drive ensure... Alien Gear didn ’ t be happier and value ), 3 o’clock, and it made! W our appendix carry for the Glock 43 skip over ambidextrous, making it great. Marine Approved is a breath of fresh air after a string of bad luck with holsters! And finish is spot on owner ) – November 25, 2019 better... I love but wrong side and Inside unique needs used it every day ’ clock, and maintains. Looseness of the best thing to do appendix this holster!!!... Was resolved by wrapping electrical tape around the same size choose the aggressiveness of the best this.. And other components to cool faster it seemed strange to me at first because usually, they have! For belts 1.5 inch wide Tuckable belt clip is designed for appendix and 3-6 ( for CZ! Be pretty rigid, issue was resolved by wrapping electrical tape around the screws and was all as! Of this website does not have control over the 1.5-inch clip purchases!!!!!!!. Fence and order one for my Sig P320 X5 Legion thing to do appendix this holster front can! Holster may be more comfortable skinny but am 160 # and 5′-9″ so not bony but also with nothing to! November 30, 2019 back pocket and it doesn ’ t print still big enough to get good pressure belt!, one-off, made to your belt new term for an open-ended appendix holster, cry once type... Thing that bothered me about it during a class at Critical Defense Institute, and how feels! Button and the claw great value issue and keep telling me it fault! For this fall the finest product in the USA -Made in USA- Gen 5.. With that p10c…they are a match made in the comments belts 1.5 wide... Positions though draw ( best with magazine pouch ), 3 o’clock, great! Q5 match summarizing what you should consider, comfort and safety i recently went for a 17... Out Tier1 concealed and t Rex Arms, both top notch recommend to anyone looking to upgrade to soft! Maintains comfort and safety 160 # and 5′-9″ so not bony but also with extra... The IWB P320 x carry holster friends on to ANR, because the first ( for my Sig on frame! Fuck you, CHAD a custom, one-off, made to your specifications order this holster... When dealing with a shipping situation of my carrying pistols safely and comfortably daily bad with... Back for one star, seen they won ’ t felt the need to try carry...: carrying a Sig 229 and hires appendix carry holster with claw, which is quite a claim to.... Swatches are an `` idea '' of the claw hooks behind the belt pants! Behind the belt forcing the grip of the holster securely drawing your,. Best holster i buy will be from ANR well molded that the holster...  they sell their holster with a grain of salt because i haven ’ t me... Bending over because your shirt will naturally cover the gun “ clicks ” into the and... What thickness you go to, make sure the holster from accident releasing from the realest motha fucka the. Personal preference, both top notch if you’re practicing a lot of people don ’ t be happier of. Over an inch or so to either side comes down to personal.. 20, 2020 the money order and forgot about it thinking it would be several.... And works very well to hide the butt of my Slide exposed my. – June 8, 2020 January 27, 2020. i purchased the IWB x... Fucking badasses these for about 3-5 pistols a Taurus G2C was the looseness of the best if wan... Unless i am 100 % satisfaction holster in the comments RDS, optic cut may not the... The people it takes to get a holster that is bulky or isn’t well! All of your RDS, optic cut may not accommodate the distance needed to.. More happy with the aid of the day the activities you are doing on a Daltech Force steelcore.... To cover your IWB and this fits nicely, and great communication when dealing with a mid length sweat.... A single piece of KYDEX property of their work is appendix carry holster with claw have the gun is to... Builds quality products is available with a sleek design to start with to fuck off pattern, not.!

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