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Another drawback is given by the anchoring point itself, which is the body. ), and Gorilla Strength (25 lbs. At the time of this writing, the TRX system costs considerably less than the Gorilla Bow. Bands have been used for various purposes from recovery movements to muscle-building exercises. The Gorilla bow features one of the most superior quality aluminum available, which is called the aircraft quality aluminum. The Gorilla Bow comes with a set of interchangeable resistance bands so you can increase or decrease the resistance to suit your strength. Training videos are available for both systems. ), Hard (10 lbs. Gorilla Bow Travel (4) Double-Wall Gorilla Bands ((1) 45 lb., (1) 32 lb., (1) 20 lb., (1) 10 lb.) I will be using the heavy duty short 90 lb. It’s made of an aluminum bow with detachable resistance bands. Including a simple bar and various resistance bands, these systems are similar at their core, but they differ in design and exercise versatility. To make the Gorilla Bow truly worth it for anyone who’s not a beginner, it’s almost necessary to upgrade to the 8-resistance band kit. Otherwise, a comprehensive list of exercises is included in the 12-week training program which comes with the X3 bar. TRX is a better travel gym simply because it weighs a lot less. Your email address will not be published. Durable, lightweight construction and variable resistance enables a … Now, it’s time for my thoughts on the Gorilla Bow. ... You can check out the Gorilla Bow Website to learn more about these functional pieces of equipment. Whereas the X3 Bar Elite resistance bands provide tension exceeding 300 lbs (over 500lbs for the Elite Band). While experienced users don’t have an issue in following a simple training routine, those new to training would have a difficult time researching the best exercises to perform at home. It’s certainly more travel-friendly because it won’t eat up near as much of your baggage allowance. The Gorilla bow features one of the most superior quality aluminum available, which is called the aircraft quality aluminum. Gorilla Fitness Bow. Both aim to offer a complete full-body workout plan but they also struggle in a few areas, such as offering tension with the entire range of motion of certain exercises. are also available. It can handle over 300 lbs of resistance, which is more than enough for most people. Secondly, the resistance bands have a custom length of 30 inches where each band can stimulate anywhere around 0 and 30 lbs. Instead of a bow-shaped frame, it... X3 Bar vs. Gorilla Bow. That's what talked me into trying this Bow. I’ll tell you now that I’m a fan of the Gorilla Bow, though I don’t think it’s the best pick for everyone. While both systems suffer from this issue, the X3 bar has a small advantage as it includes an anchoring plate which reduces the pressure resistance bands put on the body. With this product, you will target specific muscle groups that can be tricky to tone outside of the fitness studio. The Gorilla Bands are dual layer with triple layer at the ends for extended strength and longevity. Gorilla Bow is a portable home gym mechanism that uses resistance bands but in a different way than the one you’re used to. Even seniors can get a safe workout with this device. It works by connecting all four bands to the bow at the same time for max resistance. Does it offer anything unique that other traveling gyms don’t offer? Here are a few of their benefits. The most important thing to do before you buy it is to seriously consider whether you’ll use it or it’ll end up collecting dust. The TRX system relies on your own body weight and gravity for resistance. Gorilla Bow resistance bands STRENGTH THROUGH RESISTANCE Intensify your workout with our extra-strength bands, providing additional tension when you need it. Is Gorilla Bow worth it? Only time will tell if the company decides to lower the price to make it more favorable for a wider audience. Their price is high according to some users but they aren’t known for durability issues. It does look similar but I agree the “bar” / bow is longer than X3 Bar is. Users can perform upright rows or chest presses with the bow, alongside tens of other movements. OTEKSPORT Gorilla Bow Home Gym Portable Resistance Bands Set,The Maximum Load Capacity can Reach 500 Pounds,Fitness Equipment System with Full … Not every resistance band system is as versatile as the Gorilla Bow. It’s up to the user to abide by a weekly training routine to see the benefits of these systems and to shorter the learning curve needed for home resistance bands training. Each of the resistance bands on the basic gorilla bow model is designed to handle 45 pounds, 32 pounds, 20 pounds, and 10 pounds of resistance. USE WITH THE GORILLA BOW Get a full body workout by combining modern resistance training with the Gorilla Bow mobile exercise system. Gorilla Bow is a portable and lightweight home gym device that enables users to perform many of the exercises they could do on traditional fitness machines. Although the bow frame is not foldable, it can easily store at home or … The best at home gym, using the Gorilla Bow. With resistance bands of varying of tensile strengths, the Gorilla Bow can be used by beginners and fitness enthusiasts. This set contains 5 Mini Loop Resistance Bands of 9.5†by 2†. The theory is that it provides a portable, full body strengthening workout in an easy to use format. Perfect for home exercise strength training and flexibility. You and a friend can get a full body workout with your new home and portable gym (black)! This is my Gorilla Bow Arm Workout. … In chest presses, the band on both systems presses hard against the scapulae and the spine. These 25 resistance bands can be a great addition to your workout repertoire to give your arms, legs, butt, and other muscles varied levels of resistance. The Gorilla Bow allows you to perform a good number of exercises, even if you come up with your training routine. This single short resistance band is 90 pounds in tension and is heavy duty for maximizing your workout. Users stuck at home who need to burn calories can use the video to follow the training route and start burning body fat. The X3 Bar markets itself as a full exercise solution. With all the cool new portable gyms and travel gyms popping up, from NASA-grade tech to old-school legends becoming new-school sensations, it’s hard to pick just one. With the exception of overhead exercises, there’s a very low risk of injury compared to weight training. If you cannot afford to buy more complex but also bulkier workout equipment, Gorilla Bow will help you save both space and money. Gorilla Bow is the ideal home workout equipment if you want to exercise all your body muscles at home. Lastly, the video below is for the Gorilla Travel Bow that’s collapsible and carry-on friendly: What did you think of the workouts? It does look similar but I agree the “bar” / bow is longer than X3 Bar is. But in the days when most people are stuck training at home, they both offer a true alternative to dumbbells and barbells. So if you have the 47″ band stretched to 90″ it will not be full strength. Training outside in fresh air is something most people can’t experience with the standard gym. These are several of the key questions I answer in my in-depth Gorilla Bow review below. The bands (or cables technically) are 100% latex, so if you are allergic, the Gorilla Bow might not be the best option for you. ), Heavy (15 lbs. That could play a role in the resistance the bands generate. As a piece of office workout equipment or a portable gym, it’s one of the best available. Finally, if the Gorilla Bow is out of stock or unavailable for whatever reason, it’s a good time to check the other options. Product Details - Includes 1 aircraft aluminum “Original Gorilla Bow” (56" x 9.5" x 1.75"), Heavy Band kit 8 resistance cables totaling 330 lbs of resistance (10, 20, 30, 3x 50, 2x 60 lb bands), band wrap, and a band … The difference is that the arrows have been replaced with resistance bands. Unlike the others, this bow comes with six anti-snap resistance bands from 10 to 110 pounds. The first variation, also called the basic pack, is the one that comes with four bands… The Whatafit resistance band set is a top-notch option and our top pick. As a traveling gym, it’s too bulky and weighs too much for most people. Greetings Dennis, currently, the base package includes 4 resistance bands. The Gorilla Bow provides customers with a library of free workouts, but it’s shipped separately. Since you made it this far, I’m sure that you know without a doubt whether the Gorilla Bow is worth it. The X3 Bar offers a compact training system that can be used both at home and while traveling. Overall, I’m a fan of it, and if you consider each point in my review above, I’m confident that you’ll land on the right decision. Made with high-quality steel and thick rubber bands, the X3 Bar and the Gorilla Bow aim to offer an alternative to fitness training. Another advantage is the 12-week training program which is included with the training system. I want to show you the ways that the Gorilla Bow can be used and, ultimately, if it's a good fit for your home gym. I want about 400 lbs resistance and don’t know how to get it, can you help me? Keep in mind, the Gorilla Bow is not cheap, so it’s best to have a clear idea of what to expect before you buy it. For this section, I dove deep into the Gorilla Bow reviews to compile a list of pros and cons I found reported by current owners. 2 people found this helpful. Gorilla Bow comes with three resistance bands that can provide you different resistances of 10, 20, & 30 lb bands, the weight of the gorilla bow is around 5 lbs, which is pretty lightweight and easy to use. The bands that are included with the bow range from 10 to 50 lb., but heavy bands, ranging from 60 to 100 lb. It can be stored easily and there’s even a travel version that features a foldable frame. Follow, LIKE and Subscribe! Gorilla Bow System Overview. The lighter bands that come with the Gorilla Bow offer up to 120 pounds of resistance. I'm a naturally big guy, currently 6'2" 230 but as a college football player (20 years ago), I was listed at 6'3" 280 and have been as high as 330. The same doesn’t apply to many pushing exercises such as chest presses where maximum tension is only achieved with straight arms. Unlike weights that load the joints, resistance bands offer reduced tension and they can be safer in the long term. This is my Heavy Resistance Gorilla Bow Chest Workout. Marketed as better than conventional training and as a solution to replace gym memberships, it might promise more than it can deliver. This means you’ll need to connect it to the included door anchor, a tree limb at a park, or an eye bolt in your garage gym. The resistance bands … A group of basic exercises can be performed with both systems. Why? The reason I’m pointing this out is that you’ll save yourself time and money by opting to learn how to do barbell workouts and eat a bulking diet. This is one of the biggest pros of the Gorilla Bow. Selling a Gorilla Bow Resistance Band System in excellent condition. Get It: Pick up the Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Bands and Bar System at Amazon Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in … Free shipping Whatafit Resistance Bands. For 400 lbs, you’ll want to explore other options for a safe workout. The Gorilla Bow YouTube channel offers an impressive number of instructional videos with new videos added almost daily. If you want a comparison then compare them to Bodylastics or Gorilla strength bands, which range around 100 bucks and you would have to attach like a dozen of them to get the resistance of these, and they don't come with the bar, or the platform that the bands hook under. You cannot buy bands with this level of resistance for 20 bucks. The resistance bands on the Gorilla Bow are made from latex rubber. Lastly, each Gorilla Bow offers a 90-day money back guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty on their products. It took me years to realize that the only way to gain substantial muscle is to start doing barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, and bent-over rows. Gorilla Bow even has a full Tabata workout video for those looking to lose weight as soon as possible. Up to 2 bands can be used at a time for those who want to ensure progressive overload or to put on muscle mass. Travel Bow Case: For the “Travel Bow”. As a result, they’re superior to other entry-level resistance bands setups on the market. The resistance bands offer a ton of exercise options. Based on feedback from their customers, Tom and Chris are developing a version of the gorilla bow that can be broken down and packed in a travel suitcase. gorillabow.com. Even when packed into a checked suitcase, that’s more than 25% of your allowed weight if the limit is 20 lbs, and that’s not counting the weight of the suitcase. The Gorilla Bow utilizes resistance bands in a different way than you are probably use to. Get all the workouts of traditional home gym machines, but without the bulk. Gallo, thanks for the heads up on the Gorilla Bow. That could play a role in the resistance the bands generate. Set comes with with 8 bands for creating different weight loads, 2 carrying bags for the bands and an info card. The Gorilla Bow uses resistance bands for a much greater level of resistance than what the TRX system offers. The package contains a variety of different bands,… The Bows are made of aircraft-grade aluminum to handle a considerable powerful tension. It can provide you with your desired fitness results by offering a strong support bar along with industrial-grade resistance bands. The active engagement and new ideas to check out every week are nice to see for all owners. The resistance bands themselves are nice and stretchy yet sturdy; so you’re able to use them to their full ability and do many different exercises. This principle is based on progressively adding weight or tension in this case, to increase muscle size. The resistance bands themselves are nice and stretchy yet sturdy; so you’re able to use them to their full ability and do many different exercises. The price is controversial. Let’s start with the bad news: Overall, a vast majority of users are happy with the Gorilla Bow. Many of them are performed with the user standing on the plate for extra stability. $169.99. Overall, the Gorilla Bow is better for strength building and building muscle, while the TRX system is better for toning and stretching. Choose 1 of our 5 colors/icons for different resistance levels: Feather (5 lbs. Get two Gorilla Bows at a special discounted price! For heavier bench, we suggest getting our 90# short bench bands. You can absolutely increase the resistance for Gorilla Bow. The manufacturing company attached a couple of resistance bands on a frame that’s nothing else than a classic bow (like the “bow and arrow” type of item). Each band kit ships with a carrying case, complete with a spring-clasp cord lock. 2. If you have an allergy to latex, you should consider one of the alternatives below that doesn’t use latex bands. 10/07/19. The Body Boss Portable Gym uses a system based on resistance bands. I also want to share a video that shows you to how to connect and disconnect the resistance bands from the bow: The FlexClaw design is undoubtedly clever, and you saw in the video how rugged the claw actually is. Lastly, I really like the range of workouts that are possible with the Gorilla Bow – which we’ll look closer at in the next section – and the YouTube channel for instructions on how to use it properly. ... Gorilla Bow. Ballista Bow: Workout Bow - Portable Home Gym Resistance Bands Fitness Gorilla. A: The Gorilla Bow comes with 110 pounds of resistance (4 bands with various tensions). The, Each set includes an illustrative sheet with suggested Gorilla Bow workouts, however, the, The Gorilla Bow is available in both black and green colors, According to the company, the bow is aircraft aluminum. Can everyone do them? It's been very nearly a half year Are they something you can see yourself doing? The ideal users of these training systems are a person who wants to use the bands as a stand-alone training system or someone who has limited home fitness equipment and needs exercise diversification. The shortest piece of the 3-piece travel bow is still 21″ and the bow itself weighs 6 lbs. I started working out when I was 13, 25-30 years ago. The X3 Bar is a lot like the Gorilla Bow. You can hook the bow up to a door frame for more versatility. Variable resistance training benefits have been proven by research. This workout resistance bow is a great solution. If regular resistance bands can be compared to dumbbells, Gorilla Bows are the barbell equivalent. The Gorilla Bow can only handle the tension of up to 300 lbs vs. the X3 bar, which can handle over 500 lbs. Using a strength bar and resistance bands, it opens up more exercise options compared to resistance bands on their own. However, it’s shaped like a true bow which makes it a bit more interesting for anyone tired of training with weights. A Gorilla Bow consists of a bow-shaped aircraft aluminum bar with slots to fit up to 4 resistance bands at a time to get the best resistance for your workout. The original version offers four resistance bands that are made from 100% latex. If you need different resistance, Gorilla Fitness has equipped the Gorilla Bow with 4 bands which have different resistance of either 10, 20, 50, or 60lbs. The lighter bands that come with the Gorilla Bow offer up to 120 pounds of resistance. The Gorilla Bow requires no anchoring. If you’re a hard gainer like me and expect to build serious muscle with the Gorilla Bow, you’ll almost certainly be let down. The resistance bands themselves are nice and stretchy yet sturdy; so you’re able to use them to their full ability and do many different exercises. Many customers find Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands quite comfortable to work out with as they come with a handlebar for gripping when stretching the bands. Users who want to rely on Gorilla Bow to gain mobility can also use the system with one band and perform various exercises. The Gorilla Bow is a lightweight resistance band training system built for people who want to work out at any time and anywhere without going to a gym. There’s no major drawback with the X3 Bar. Another important benefit shared by both systems is they can be used anywhere. 2021 Lafitness.reviews Design. Best premium kit: Gorilla Bow Travel Resistance Training Kit Build and tone your muscles whenever and wherever with the Gorilla Bow Travel Resistance Training Kit. Today we're going to work on biceps, both sides of the forearms and the triceps. All rights reserved. This program includes. Low impact on joints is one of the main reasons why the training system can be a top choice for those recovering from certain injuries, aging users, or anyone suffering from mobility issues. Comes with the bow (worth $120 retail) and extra bands (standard ones, and additional 40, 50, 60 pound resistance bands) (worth $25). As a traveling gym, the Gorilla Bow is not the best option for air travel, even if you decide to purchase the travel edition. Various bands allow for more resistance. The entire setup includes a 500lbs-capacity bar, a ground plate with similar load capacity, and 4 resistance bands with different resistance levels. Gorilla Bow resistance bands are tubes that is mad from premium all natural latex and uses a multi-layer technology to provide extra strength and durability. The bands that are included with the bow range from 10 to 50 lb., but heavy bands, ranging from 60 to 100 lb. The Gorilla Bow comes with an accessory case for storage and Gorilla Bow band wrap. Now that you know what current owners are saying and what I think about the Gorilla Bow, let’s check out how to actually use it. Are they getting shredded, toned, and loving the workout, or is the Bow falling short of their expectations? Cardiovascular training is also enhanced by these 2 training systems. The key to knowing if it’s right for you is to consider the points above carefully and your fitness goals. Ultra Heavy Band Set: Comes with two 80lb bands and two 90lb bands allowing you an extra 340lbs of resistance. The Gorilla Bow resistance bands only provide the tension of up to 110 lbs. Other than the base and the resistance bands, this product features state-of-the-art, 360-degree rotation bars, handles, door anchors, and ankle straps. Once again they plan to work with SIGMA OEM on its manufacture. There’s a lot more instructional content than you’ll find offered by other fitness equipment. The jump in price from the standard to 8-band kit is not the smallest either. But it cannot be considered superior to other training methods such as weight training for all users. The answer is debatable, and I think my list of insights below will help you make the right decision: Overall, I give the Gorilla Bow a thumbs up. These include the following. Gorilla Bow resistance bands provide continuous tension throughout the full range of motion. . With resistance bands of varying of tensile strengths, the Gorilla Bow can be used by beginners and fitness enthusiasts. It’s the way that it’s marketed which may seem misleading. are also available. X3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow – why they’re similar and where they differ, The benefits of the X3 Bar and of the Gorilla Bow. This Gorilla Bow to me represents a crossover in training. Retail: $318 (Save 30%) Includes: 2× Gorilla Bow 8× Flex Claw Bands 2× Carrying Bag for the Bands 2× Complimentary Online Workouts Less These basic exercises can then be backed by many other workout alternatives. Unfortunately, the max is “over 300 lbs of resistance” according to Gorilla Bow, which puts the absolute max at 350 lbs. Outside of the plethora of workout videos, there are also instructional videos on how to use the bands properly. Still, it might even take some time for those coming from free weights to resistance bands as the training principles are completely different. Jun 27, 2019 - Check out the Revolutionary Gorilla Bow, a mobile workout leveraging modern resistance technology and the ancient weapon, the bow. Like Tension Toner, Gorilla Bow offers two purchase choices original and heavy. The lack of resistance bands in the standard set is worth pointing out. Pros: The bar is also equipped with high-density foam padding. Some users even rely on free YouTube resistance bands exercise demonstrations which they apply with these training systems. The Gorilla Bow uses resistance bands for a much greater level of resistance than what the TRX system offers. Providing a full body workout that maximizes your workout with tension occurring at the peak of your movement. This is an important feature for safety reasons since you don’t want to buy gear with bands that might slip out of place during your workout. Lunges: Lunges can be adjusted to workout different muscle gro… A better portable gym option for hard gainers is the. If that isn’t enough, they also have 80 and 90 pound resistance bands.

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