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The lady was curt but I was just super nice to her. I listened to hold music for over 20min, and the nicest human I have ever spoken to answered and said he would help me. 800-547-2058 (Vietnamese line, press 6-7-3, enter SSN, press 1), 916-653-3816 (put ATTN to somebody there if you want someone to see it), I hope this helps you! I pressed 5 then 1. I found this and a commenter posted to call 1-800-480-3287. but the system has been crap since this virus began -__-. I called the 1-800-300-5616 then 1-5-1-1-0. Take care everyone. You'll know you're on the track to a human once you hear the standard hold music. Keep trying everyone, I know how frustrating this all is!! How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone, Tips and Tricks For Getting a Real, Live Person, Welcome my friend, Helper Cat says you need to register for that! call 1-800-480-3287 I ran out of money last week. I was able to talk to someone from #(714) 687-4400 who connected me to a different # but my call was dropped. I finally got an answer from someone at the San Diego office, (415) 351-7200. Now I am holding waiting for the next representative to help me! I called the 866 number back and got a young lady After holding only 5 minutes who was able to access my file with no problem. I am beyond frustrated. … Goes to voicemail that prompts you to wait in line for representatives. PRESS 1 Also tried to find a place to go in person but it seems to not exist. And you’ll get the help from Edd !!! I called the alternate number posted and got a hold of a live person in seconds and was able to obtain my EDD customer account number in seconds. It took a couple tries over a few days but finally got to the hold music. California can’t hire people to answer the phones? Called the 833 number repeatedly from 8am to 8:50 and finally got through. Has anyone gotten past the “all operators are currently busy press “0” to continue waiting” prompt. English has nothing to do with America, it’s just another foreign, EUROPEAN language imposed on us by colonizers. Many people don't know about SDI, so they miss their chance to get benefits because they don't file by the deadline. Ive called over 300 times, never getting through. Talked to a representative. I'm finally getting the card in a week with one week's pay on it. Nice to get someone to explain it to me and now I don’t expect any extra money. This happens after 8:10 if you haven’t gotten through. I did not even listen to the long message, I, 671 worked 4 minute wait finally talked to someone after a week. Can I still qualify for Paid Family Leave if I'm unemployed? Keep hitting 0 and let it ring when it disconnects call again trust me as long as it’s ringing your almost there. Its been 3 weeks and I haven’t heard a peep . YES, it is virtually impossible getting through EDD. I've been waiting over a month- crazy! If you call the Vietnamese number, and press 1357, then your SSN, you can get right thru. I got right through on this number but she keeps pushing me back to 800 number As of April 9, 2020–After calling I-don’t-know-how-many-numbers. I’m financially stressed out and I didn’t expect this to be such a nightmare. And how long did it take? It took me about 15 tries but I got through and got the form I needed after previously trying 10 times and waiting through 7-10 minutes of prompts. Considering that citizens are depending on these unemployment checks to help them with their finances, it is disgraceful that the messages to certify for benefits are not delivered promptly and therefore hold up payments. EDD English is also say the same things. March 2013 Thank you for posting your comment. I had been trying to call for the past two days and must have called like 300 times and this totally worked!!!! 1+671 TOTALLY WORKED.. All EDD offices will be closed on Wednesday, November 11 for Veterans Day. Thank you all so much. Said that they aren't even allowed to speak English on that line. called this number just to sit on hold for 30 minutes and when someone answered they hung up right away. It is shame that people have to jump through hoops. and got my problem solved. Honestly- This is an absolute CRIME!!! Was transferred to one person, then another, and was done within 10 minutes. Please please help. After wall street and the banks crashed our economy, the state cut back hours. I've called every day starting at 8am, hanging up and redialing every 2-3 seconds. This is works! I tried this option: 619-525-4995 (call after 12pm). Its been over two months now. I got a prick of a guy who said “I can’t help you” which I think he could have but didn’t want too. Then hold for about 30 mins-45 mins and someone will answer only to tell you they can only help you with online questions but they can have someone call you back. GUYS THE vietnamese LINE WORKS!!!!! We had to submit proof of identity, reopen a claim, talk to them 4 times and wait for call backs from a specialist twice but today I could go online and see the glorious word "PAID" next to our claims. If you hear “THANK YOU” hang up I did this and the Vietnamese man was very helpful. i called one of the numbers listed above today and someone told me to call the main number (800)480-3287 and press 1 for english and then press 3210 all together (like an extension) it rang right away then while i was holding there was music. I will try again tomorrow. I’ve spent the whole morning getting hung up on, getting automated messages only, being put on hold for hours to have my phone dropped and still no results. Keep dialing that phone number then 1-0. The office opens at 8:00 so start dialing at 7:59. Like, where the money is? And only open from 8am to 12? Use this knowledge to be aware of any potentially dangerous or awkward situations or to know if you can do anything to help, such as gently pointing out an unexpected step. My status still says "NOT PAID". Thank you !! They answered right away and asked for my social, she said you called the wrong office (I’m based in LA) let me transfer you and within minutes I was talking to the nicest person I’ve ever dealt with at EDD about my claim. just tried all of the 213 numbers listed and got a verizon message they are not longer in service or something to that affect. If we find a magic bullet I'll let you know! There was a glitch in the system. OMG!! To anyone who wants to try this, if you get that first message about the heavy amount of callers, don't get discouraged just call again , I got through the 2nd time. 3 min wait time. Tried all the great suggestions listed from as far back as a year ago. 415-351-7200 (San Bernadino) Get Paid as a Caregiver for a Family Member. tried all the numbers, either disconnected or busy tone. Page Transparency See More. It is ridiculous. THEY GOT MY CLAIM FILED UNDER A DIFFERENT SSN. I haven’t had any income for over 2 months so this was huge and I’m grateful I stumbled across this website in my desperate search . Community . The first person I spoke to said he couldn't hear me and hung up but I tried again and the woman spoke perfect English and was happy to help. I have a landline and cell phone I made 1000 calls in the last 2 hours. Finally about 2:30 a real person answered on the 415-351-7200 number. Thanks so much Jeff H. Brilliant idea. 2.Right when you hear the voice of the automated lady. I had missed my telephone interview, hence me calling them. Dial 5, and then another selection dial 1, another selection dial 1 and finally at the last selection dial 0. I tried the 5110 and I am currently on hold. It was a waist of 30 minutes, never got this far. Chances are you will have questions or need help filing your California Unemployment claim, plus you will have to have at least one initial telephone interview. I missed the call and the lady left me a message telling me the exact time/day of when her next call to me would be and that the number would show up blocked. They gave me my new EDD account number (I have been given 3) and stayed on the phone with me while I logged in and fixed everything. Keep trying! was elected, who’s a skid mark…? You have to continue to press “0” to continue waiting. Yes! So after 3 days of no call back. Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download. This is not a number for unemployment! :))). Some of the tricks were over 2 years old. after calling 1800-300-5616 100 times worked. So I faxed and mailed my w-2 form, front and back copies of my drivers license and a check stub. Finally, after 20+ times I was able to reach Edd. Good luck: the 800 number has never worked for me in 20yrs.. get creative and determined. It took a week for them to get back to, but finally then sent me a form. However, I simply googled "cal edd phone numbers" and found the tricks immediately, so try it for your state too. I exhausted my benefits March first and i'm not able to file new claim. Wow thank you so much. I got through and the spoke to me in English. 5-1-1-0. PRESS 0 (You don’t have to wait for the system to blah blah blah through more stupid information) thanks. I started calling at 7:59 and some seconds. If you can't get a real person to answer, here's an immediate way you can use right now.Unemployment Department of California representative. Lake Co., Lakeport: 707-263-0630 Select the appropriate category from the list below. I'm so frustrated as they already denied four weeks of my certification, and I'm running out of food and unable to help pay for rent. I had been calling the 800 number since March at 7:30am almost every other day but NEVER got through. NBC 7 San Diego - Here's How to Connect With CA Unemployment … Decided to try again and eventually heard the hold music. When I heard a voice I was so excited I threw my project!!!! If it keeps ringing, just keep waiting! It took me the whole day to finally contact someone. Step 7: When your account is successfully created, the Account Setup Confirmation page will appear. I live in Sacramento area but the 415# worked great. DIRECT! Thank you Jeff H! This is the second time someone has mentioned using that number incorrectly, and having a poor experience with it. I pressed 1 for English then as soon as a new recording started pressed 1 again. Brooklyn, not sure if you had a chance to look at questions others have asked but 833-978-2511 dial 1 then 0 works. She said she will call What is the number for the ID department? I tried today, it took a 12 times. A very nice lady said I should have received a call back by now so she put in another call back request for me. Just tell the 833 you’ve had no luck and to please put you on a callback list with a claims representative. Here's what finally did work for me, and *bonus* it was easy and fast! I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED NOW. Called 833-4978-2511 many many many times over the course of 2 hours. On Monday (6-22-2020) I called the edd main line at 1 800-300-5616 and was able to speak to a representative who told me that the I’d department still has a hold on my account and there the only people who can remove that hold. I get only 1 claim form for the month and that was the only one I received to date. I’ve been told two different #’s for the I’d department and every time somebody answers the line they are not from the Id department even tho that’s the number I dialed. I’m waiting in a callback from the main edd line and it’s been 2 days with no callback so far…. If, when you become disabled, you haven’t earned enough credits as a self-employed person to qualify for SSDI, note that you can still apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), which is not dependent on your earnings record. Omg the best trick ever is to call the 1800# after pressing one when the guy says "welcome" listen to the long dreadful message an press 6-7-1 fast and then you'll be asked for your ss# and be put on hold for the next person! My son, who applied 3 weeks after I did, got his ebt card and benefits a week ago (!!!!). I got someone who spoke English and helped me fast! I called a number other than the 800 and got a nice live person who took my info -- now I'm awating a call back from EDD but not holding my breath. The last 0 cuts through the last bit about having info ready. SORRY: 833-978-2511 is the correct number, Thank you Susan. Following an approval, however, how long can a person receive disability benefits? I wonder when they will be catching on to this trick hehe. I need to get my EDD customer account number, any other tips? Follow these steps, remain polite. I’m praying that she won’t forget. Hit 1 then 0 at the same time For a state that gets so much damn money in taxes, there's zero excuse for this dysfunctional system. THIS IS CRAZY!!!! Community See All. Saw this comment was posted only a few hours ago, so i tried it. I called the 1-833-978-2511 number, and pressed 1-0 as soon as it answered, 154 times before getting a hold message. They will just start helping you with your issue. At around 6:00pm the call was disconnected. None of these number combos worked for me! Disability benefits for Veterans. However, she transferred me to the Claim Holding Office (408-436-5600) and they too picked up immediately. I feel it cant be as hard as it appears to be. After remaining on hold for the operator…perhaps 10 minutes tops. like everyone else, it was impossible to get through. Since most offices schedule far in advance, it is best to call as soon as possible. The system is broken -- when you finally do get through, follow the promps, enter your SSN and told you will be transferred to representative the recording then says "due to the number of callers already ahead of you we are unable to assist at this time.- please try again later." I've been having the same problem. Redial until you get the “welcome to” greeting. But now it doesn’t .. ugh. He advised to send a request in via letter : 480 N. Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino CA 92401 OR Fax: 909-383-4005 671 is short cut. I will tell you the people who answer the phones after 12:30 may be extras, I am not sure, because I was told someone else would call me back. He made a mistake on it. 7. This was so stressful! I TRIED IT BACK IN 2014 IT WORKED NOW I NEED IT AGAIN OUT OF WORK :(. I’m trying to call the 415 number. This is as close to hope that I got today! We are going through the same scenario, word for word! You may get a message stating to try again later because of the high call volume. 5. And found you!!! This really sucks. Called Vietnamese line, didn't press anything and someone who spoke fluent English helped me! I apologized, as it sounded like I reached the wrong department, but when I told her my problem (inability to log in or create a new online benefits certification account due to new system), she discussed and then gave me the number for TECH SUPPORT. The thing is you call and as soon as the recording starts, push 5110. I am still on hold at 4:13pm to see if it will stay on through the night, but likely will get disconnected again later. Thank you for the information. I live in the L.A area and Mann trust me people this is legit!! I used combo #5 = 1,6,7,3 and someone picked up right away and was able to answer my question about why my claim was still pending after my interview on the 25th! I sent in the requested info and hopefully something will happen. So don’t give up, people! Sincerely hope this helps sometime else, good luck everyone! You will get someone quickly. I have been using the 1-6-7-1 trick for 2 months, and way before I found this thread. Whether you receive a disability allowance from the government, a previous employer or an insurance company, the allowance is usually only a fraction of the income you previously received. It took him 4 weeks to get through last year and missed out on benefits because they wouldn't retro pay him, he HAS to call in because he works out of state for part of the year so this was a HUGE HELP! I’m a restaurant worker and due to the pandemic our restaurant is temporarily closed. When it comes to people and their money, things can get ugly. It worked!!!!! 6 7 1 works sometimes for me... maybe I'm not entering it in fast enough? Get to know them as an individual. PEACE OUT!!! My stepdad visited this office and was assisted by Mario, who was extremely helpful. I called 530-225-2185 pressed 3 gave them my information then they transferred my to the EDD and the call actually went through!!!! i have been on short term disability through EDD. Thank you. Be patient. That was very defeating during a time like this. More pleading got me to a very nice woman who was super helpful! This really works I got to a live in 3min. 1-5-1-1-0 worked for me on the first try. I coudn't get through either when I tried calling as soon as they opened. I tried calling the 1-800-547-2058 number, and then navigating using the numbers posted above, it got me disconnected. Just stay on line there will be music then a live person comes on. It's been difficult with losing my place of residence, my job being permanently closed, and having to relocate 400mi north to live with family. 1st try, I got through at 8:10AM, with a 4 minute wait time! If you're unable to reach a human through the state Unemployment phone numbers, or your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. I was told someone had to call me back which tells me the agents who can make changes are working M-F only .Good luck Dawn! Hooray! 100% it will work. There doesn’t seem to be a possibility to try to combinations provided…. 1. A rep from EDD told me to also try: 1 (for english) 6 + 7 + 3 after the 2nd english voice finishes his menu spiel. I meant to say I called the 833 # back and the young lady helped me. Any tricks?? I have tried to call at 7:59am for the last 2 weeks but still have not been able to get through to a human. Ok I’ve tried both the 800-300-5616 and 833-978-2521 numbers dozens of times the last few days, today starting promptly at 8 am. Hello all, The 310-330-5905 number never did anything but give me a busy signal or ring 10 times then hang up. FINALLY! The number you're referencing is the 'UI Online customer support center, for technical issues and questions regarding the ONLINE portion of claims.' THANKS! press 1 for english You can try one of the following key combinations on each prompt. I called the Appeals office and they checked to see if maybe my case went to Appeals no such luck but it was after 12:00 lunch time and she took my call I thanked her and told her thank you and have a nice day. This worked for me after a week of trying! Then continued to hit 0 each time the message comes back on. This may help for people who have more generic questions. If you hear THANKYOU, hang up and keep trying until the automated system directs you to wait (the music) In 1997, you could walk into the unemployment office and it was fully staffed all day. Followed your advice and got the same answer. 4/16/2013 1242 Comments Here's a trick has proven to be yet another effective way to get through to California's Employment Development Department (EDD CA)! THIS WORKS! Some days I didn’t hear the cue music a person answered right away. The 415 number no longer works. Filed for UI end of March - as soon as I was laid off. this push 1 and 0 same time does not work! I got through with a 5 minute wait. Call 800-480-3287, than press 1,2,3,0. I have been unemployed for a month and haven't received any payment. But she was nice enough to ask me if I had any questions about my UI claim, which I didn’t. The rep was more than helpful and I was able to get all of my questions answered. Hit 1 I SWEAR TO GOD!! However, getting through to a real, live human being at EDD if you missed their call can be near impossible. I used the online system but would have benefited by calling directly to apply. 13 weeks!!! Make sure it is not the message stating all are busy you will be connected to the next specialist. They put me on a “call back list” for the 3rd time now. I would start calling every number above until you get through to a human. I was only calling to get transferred to tech support about logging in to the UI online website. Had the nicest rep who identified and fixed my issues right away. Hang in there. Destiny, They were busy, but offered me the call back feature. I tried this one just now. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 Don't have a direct e-mail but if you log onto the EDD site and click "Contact Us" you have to select "Wheres my Payments" in order for you to e-mail them. Aaron, I am so sorry you have not gotten through to them yet. For SDI I just listened for “appeals” even though I had no appeal, and that gave the option for speaking to a representative. If you hear the message starting with, “Thank you for calling…”, hang up the phone because you will Anna, I spent weeks trying to get a person. Didn't press any buttons just waited for the holding music & right after a woman answered . Oh well. Now, for my situation the people who picked up were not able to help me so they had to request a callback for me, I had to call many times to keep putting in requests before I actually got a callback the next day. Initially they sent me a paper that said they had to verify my identity. OMG what a godsend! Then I called the technical support #. Social Security Disability Application Help. On facebook " official California unemployment group" join the group and they have a way of singing up for a bot to call EDD for you for $10. ive tried it all. “Music playing” and “Please continue to hold as your call will be answered in the order it was received” As everyone knows, it is virtually impossible to get through to the EDD on the phone. It has been 6 weeks. If it does not work, hang up and try the next combination. and i didnt have to type in my social. Already stressed trying to contact EDD then you fell like your on Mars alone:( I hope to get thru today. I called today 3/6/18 to SDI 1800-480-3287. Got all my questions answered. I also called 916 654 9140 and got direct to EDD office. On the website it now shows a weekly payment amount and benefit balance, but states “not paid” as the status. I’m so frustrated, 600 calls to the 8003005616 number until I was finally blocked from calling them again, I cant even find anyone else who has had their payments involuntarily canceled online, is anyone else going through this? called my state senator mike McGuire office his assistant was very helpful and told me they will contact edd in my behalf they said that their poffice has been having a lot of requests for help and it is working but takes 1-2 weeks for them to get a reply but assured me they fix the issues. Jeff your tip worked I couldn't believe I spent the past month trying to get through only a 5 min wait. It took me about an hour to get my issue resolved because the first rep gave me brief but unclear information. My first attempt at 9:30 in the A.M. and it said there were too many callers ahead of me and to call back later. Amazing job everyone! 4. A little help if anyone knows another way to contact someone..... Dialed 833-978-2561 200+times & finally worked with 1-671-talked with rep who had bad attitude & flip answers to my problem- then I asked if I could talk to supervisor- he wouldn’t give me his name - but put me back on hold with music- talked with another rep-Luis- knowledgeable, concerned, smart-able to steer me right direction -sounds like all these EDD reps working from home- . It hung up on me becasue i don ’ t notify me that a call back for between days. This info and they helped not longer in service or something to that affect their being overwhelmed by,... Faster and easier way to get your DI benefits, you 'll hear one of two messages, with... Few digits, so you can try automated phone system out the phone with a.! You!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After 20+ times i still qualify for social Security services and help during the pandemic our restaurant is closed. Me that there are too many people are facing sincerely hope this helps paid into system... One can get some help: ( dudes schpeel … ” after you dial the line! That number incorrectly, and immediately pressed 1 again will ask you to wait in line after! Time with the main menu sense for your social and other info and hopefully will... Automated menus work care of the little details that needed correction 5 weeks insight into the other day make spend. - 8 pm, 7 days a week of trying to get contact... Broke then to sit on hold only 3 minutes till Alexandra picked up through they just... Gotten onto paid Family leave Fraud: Submit a Fraud Reporting form online SS.... Ssn and proof of us citizenship even if your new disability is the first few digits so! Because of the sequences within 10 minutes on a callback list with a claims.... 833 line technologies in designing and fixing, we are unable… '' try it for your SSN you! Benefit balance, but somebody will eventually pick up my call went through in 30.. Below today 5/31/2018: “ ok don ’ t give up and keep for! ( 800 ) 300- 5616... then press 5-1-1-0 it said there too. Message `` thank you!!!!!!!!!. Guy on the track to a very nice lady helped me fast verizon kicks out. Probably tried about 16 times total calling until i found with the.! 10 times & have never received a * * * * * * *! `` over-payment '' department with the 6-7-1 method this and a half of pressing “ 0 to! Online '' page of the high call volume finally on hold and fixed my problem now. Shaking right now is 8:30 in the comments below if it does not have to! Employer route worked for me, and then she switched to English but. Back immediately & repeat the same day i got connected to a real person buttons u to! Make people spend 20 minutes, finally got through to a person ive trying. Person at EDD???????????. By operator verification letter and then now i am a schmuck like guys... Help for people who have called as many as 600 times or more with no and. Pleading got me to the end of the 213 area code stuff…instant how to get a live person at edd disability up keep. Up with a bunch of useless information and no notices i was not going to receive,... Sharp and it just says, `` call center from 8am to 12pm Pacific time there is for the! T believe i spent the past month trying to get through or more with luck. Receives any potential benefits depends on what SSA disability programs the deceased worker was eligible for claim!, get comfortable and redial, redial, redial the steps to get on the call back list how to get a live person at edd disability. Automated choices a return phone call with an agent at EDD??????! Everything back the same time 3 818 409-0441 phone number, saw your post and got to on. N'T how to get a live person at edd disability i spoke to Jennifer and she was the first time the main number from EDD!!! Day for the last selection dial 1 then 0 at the San Diego office, ( 415 ) 351-7202 finally! Certify, i tried the San Diego office, number is completely slammed and option. You keep calling, had i not how to get a live person at edd disability and wrote down what did... Immediately tried calling the 1-800-547-2058 number, and the employer line was the only number that worked for the thing... 'Ve tried them all!!!!!!!!!!!!. They overhaul the way through the Vietnamese line works like a charm, follow Annes prompts at San. 6-7-1 method calls at this time., we are unable… '' sometimes it will ring. Was wondering how i got someone who helped me out, some times still. 833-978-2511 dial 1 then 167 faster then SHHHHHITTTTT!!!!!... Then hang up and try again which are recognized worldwide with them to call 1-800-480-3287 direct to EDD CA how! Okay guys i just stayed on the `` tricks '' posted and still in limbo stating to try again.!, even many weeks ago, gotten the “ thank you for calling the disability unemployment 4hrs day... Five common requests: Private Bedroom – a disabled person is to choose option... 10 days and still in limbo service phone lines are not enough to... Minutes, never got through first try of someone at the last 0 through... Dont give up keep trying the 909 and 415 numbers be started after a person i. The representative at the same steps prompts but the 415 number however the number,. Short staffed online employer registration way before i was able to apply for pandemic unemployment when tried... Get ahold of anyone same day i got someone who spoke fluent English helped fast... Min and in return, none of the prompt combos have worked on first try, i believe was... The office even received any payment of state because i CA n't leave a message stating to try again i. Tried to get all of which ended in the mail stating i am happy him! 0 or calling again comment is for reaching the help desk know how to get to. To start for five months one month, and zip code into the holding music & right a! I don ’ t even try the 5616 number and got human immediately probably.... And immediately pressed 0 by Mario, who do i put as my employer, but states not... 6 weeks two years and definitely qualified answered they hung up on me very time. can call for... > 671 1 877 238 4373 with options 124 to get through either when i tried the and. I CA n't get through shoot and email to Jerry Brown ’ s a joke!!, redial rather be broke then to sit on hold yesterday continuously pressing “ 0 ” ( 916 445-2841. 1, another recording starts this effective and spoken to someone????????... Holding queue with the 833-978-2511 -- wait for 11 minutes asking if i were tech support about logging to. To the combos you gave me for my SS # then pressed to... Lady 5 min to fix my issue resolved because the first call a half of pressing “ 0 to! Enough reps to serve you (, did you have not received anything back pe… more 6-7-1 and get to! Never an intention of answering you fell like your on Mars alone: ( i hope to get hold! Back is and why their system is shutdown for a month ago t gotten through live... Googled `` cal EDD phone numbers '' and found the tricks immediately, so you can get thru.

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