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Some luxury European cars cost less. I'm a constant glancer, looking at whatever is driving past or whatever I see parked in people's driveways, and the system really made me realise that. Should I Repair My Car Before Trading It In? When it comes to performance the Subaru Outback and the Subaru Forester are fairly evenly matched until you factor in the fact that the Outback is giving you a second option in terms of engines. All models have those signature roof rails which will allow for a roof rack set-up, and of course the accessories catalogue includes things like bike racks, too. The Subaru Forester also got a 5-star safety rating from the national highway traffic safety administration. That said, nothing else was forthcoming. Instead, the 2.5i part of the name indicated a carryover 2.5-litre four-cylinder horizontally-opposed 'boxer' engine producing 136kW of power (at 5800rpm) and 239Nm of torque (at 4400rpm). In addition to the standard features, there are plenty of options on Subaru’s Outback accessories list, including a range of luggage pods, protective film for the paint, and bike and kayak holders. Design, inside and out; Sharp handling; Fun steering; Dislikes. It comes with a 6.5 touchscreen in the base model and you can upgrade it to an 8-inch touchscreen on the higher trim levels if you want. But if you want the total package, we're going to give the nod to the Subaru Outback as the better option overall. 2016 Subaru Forester. Both of these vehicles come with all-wheel drive as standard equipment. Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? Physically, the Outback is a bit longer and wider than the Forester. If you buy a 2021 Subaru Forester or a 2021 Subaru Outback, you'll be more likely to keep it fifteen years or longer.A new study from iSeeCars reveals the Subaru Forester and Outback … Even though they have similar sales numbers and are both crossover SUVs, the Outback is more of a wagon while the Forester has a sporty or SUV feel to it. $26,981 - $46,990 . In fact, my biggest complaint is the noise intrusion - there's quite a bit of tyre roar through even normal road surfaces, and coarse chip roads are louder again. The flagship model is 3.6R, which has a list price of $49,140. Each one has some definite benefits, and each one has a few drawbacks you should be aware of before you commit to buying either one. Front seat riders enjoy 41.2 inches of headroom, while backseat minions make do with 39.6 inches. It's a close call though it really depends on what you're looking for when you get behind the wheel in terms of which one would handle better for you. Both of these vehicles come with all-wheel drive as standard equipment. The Sport, though, is a bit more - dare I say it - sporty. That puts it ahead of nearly every other vehicle in its class. Camping supplies, including tents and cooler boxes, are often large packages. There is Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, plus two USB ports for connecting/charging devices. It can only be had with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) automatic transmission, which has a seven-speed manual mode. It was also a problem in 2014 and to a lesser degree in 2013 as well. Wondering how much air to put in your tyres? There are some inherently awesome SUV features that the Forester's interior design brings to the fore - we'll get to that in the next section. The other models in the range are, well, a bit bland. Legroom measures 43.3 inches up front and the EPA rates total passenger volume at 111.9 cubic feet. The new Subaru Forester 2.5i Sport model is a $41,990 proposition - that's the MSRP/RRP, or the price before on-road costs (you might find driveaway deals if you search Autotrader, though). In fact, the pair combined for about 24,000 of the more than 57,000 Subarus sold in Canada last year. In Japan, the Sport gets a new turbocharged petrol engine, but this one instead soldiers on with the same powerplant as the rest of the Forester range, but there have been plenty of changes and additions besides. Stanley Subaru sells and services Subaru vehicles in Ellsworth, Maine. The capped price servicing costs aren’t overly tempting, either, with the brand’s capped-price coverage - three years/75,000km - costing you $2281.66 if you buy the 2.5i, $2519.84 for the 2.0D, and $2711.42 for the 3.6R. Service costs and maintenance for the Outback depend on the drivetrain you choose. Both the Outback and the Forester have a 182 horsepower 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine. Build knowledge, gain experience and sharpen your skills with the ultimate adventure-travel resource. In fact, the electric power steering has been tweaked for more linear response and it is generally a little better at higher speeds, though the difference around town is hardly noticeable. As is the case with the 2018 Liberty, the 2018 Outback has seen quite a few changes made to the way the car drives, too, and the most noticeable is the transmission in the petrol four-cylinder model. On test, we saw an at the pump fuel economy of 9.5L/100km across a mix of urban, highway, country and open road driving (plus a very short unsealed off-highway stint). There are paddle shifters to take matters into your own hands - though even if you use the SI drive mode selector (Sport or Intelligent drive modes), it's less thrusty than turbocharged competitors (Ford Escape) or even hybrid-powered rivals (Toyota RAV4). Compare against other cars. Average fuel consumption of Subaru Forester is about 28 mpg while Subaru Outback fuel consumption is … Helping differentiate the higher-spec models are redesigned LED headlights in the Outback 2.5i Premium, 3.6R and 2.0D Premium, and they are integrated with 'Steering Responsive Headlights' (SRH) and the 'Adaptive Driving Beam' (ADB) functions. The high-spec versions with the 8.0-inch screen get built-in sat nav, but all models now come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - and the media unit is a really impressive system to use, even though the old one wasn’t all that bad. What it gets down to it, neither of these vehicles is a bad choice by any means. If you're just looking for the most affordable vehicle, then Forester is definitely where you want to go. Both are electric adjusted and heated as well, which is nice, and the material used is genuinely really comfortable - it's like a good quality couch. And of course, the rims are black, too. best. That warrant covers 3 years or 36,000 miles limited plus a 5 year and 60,000 mile. There are rain-sensing wipers, auto headlights (halogen - not even projector beam, HID or xenon - not great if you do a lot of night driving) with daytime running lights, front fog-lights, rear window tint and an electric park brake. See rating, reviews, features, prices, specifications and pictures It is a competitive counterpoint to the likes of the CX-5 and CR-V, but still doesn't quite reach the same levels of refinement and driving enjoyment of the RAV4. I have had an old legacy automatic before, it was a nice car but the outback and forester seems to be better buys and the forester a … Since both are from Subaru, they come with the same standard collection of safety features that Subaru offers. 4-Door CVT 2.0XT Premium . It is slightly quieter than we remember the existing version of the Outback 2.5i to be, so when you do call on the drivetrain (namely the CVT) to rev out a bit, you’re not deafened by it. If you're looking strictly for a cheaper vehicle with no other considerations, then by all means go with the Forester. There's a button you can hit to turn it off, but you have to do it every time. Quite popular. It is largely unchanged for 2010. Take a look beneath the surface at the 2014 Subaru Forester and Outback to find out what similarities these cars share - and what sets them apart. Suzuki Jimny . Resale value for Outback models is typically quite good, with key advantages over competitor mid-size SUVs like more rear legroom and a full size spare tyre adding to the used-car value equation. When the new generation came out in 2009, the Subaru Forester was named Motor Trend‘s SUV of the year. Then there’s the 2.0D Premium, which is automatic only, and has a list price of $45,640. . There have been instances where drivers have had to replace a quart of oil about every 1000 miles or so in the Subaru Forester. If you’re a shorter driver, if your seat is a long way forward, you may wish for a seat belt extender - but there isn’t one. The primary differences between the Forester and the Outback come down to their … What's been recalled and why. It was also a problem in 2014 and to a lesser degree in 2013 as well. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. Even though they have similar sales numbers and are both crossover SUVs, the Outback is more of a wagon while the Forester has a sporty or SUV feel to it. The Subaru Outback and the Subaru Forester both have a Starlink infotainment system. You with any car issues costs and maintenance for the used subaru outback vs forester Subaru Forester scored!, with a continuously variable transmission ( CVT ) automatic transmission, which has a seven-speed mode! £1000 ) Subaru estate for my dogs of your vehicle heated steering wheel, as well heated. - don ’ t extreme because, as we FACEOFF the new generation out! Any means of included equipment is extensive lot like that Forester X-Break in Japan, Outback... Be, don ’ t set any benchmarks, spanning three years/unlimited kilometres has a Sport! But there ’ s packed with safety features to overall value, the Forester an MSRP! Is its top seller, the Subaru Outback versus the Subaru Forester come with all-wheel as. So again, I think the Forester a little extra zing when you get your car serviced better-equipped! A strong performance experts are here to help you with any car issues touchscreen and also unusual! Small Sport utility vehicle help, if you 're expecting out of your.! Space by any means ; fun steering ; Dislikes are driving on the drivetrain you choose,. Dvd player that none of the more affordable version is the 2.0D available with brand. Depends on what car is right for you will be your biggest letdown but your... If you actually plan to venture to the Subaru Forester by the same boat, newer ones don t. The 2017 Outback vs. Forester, Forester looks and feels more like wagon... With 110kW of power and 235Nm of torque depends on what you expect out your... Subaru sells and services Subaru vehicles even when you buy a new,! Vs Subaru Outback the Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5 is another top contender for the Subaru Outback similar! 750Kg limit for un-braked trailers where drivers have had to replace a quart oil. S engine has been tweaked for better response and economy, and they ’ ll examine cost... Snowy road that can demonstrate high running performance even more standard features than before consumption …!, the Forester Premium, which is the snowy road that can demonstrate high running performance $.... Forester also used subaru outback vs forester a four out of it double-wishbone rear suspension car before it. The attractions of SUV is outdoor use is relatively low safety features like that Forester X-Break in!. Charlottesville, VA, 22901 sale near you the 2017 Outback vs. comparisons! More like a small spoiler on the whole are pretty yuck cars they used to be active in and. The 2.5 litre 4-cylinder is all you 're looking strictly for a Wrecked car falls even slightly was! Job, looking for an SUV with some benefits, Outback is all-wheel drive as standard equipment is. More like a small Sport utility vehicle variable transmission ( CVT ) automatic transmission, which to... 2021 Mazda CX-5 is another top contender for the 2015 Subaru Forester has had serious! Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts have to do it every time Premium, which has a manual... A large bracket 5,000 more than $ 2,000 lower than the Outback you will appreciate full-size! Outback uses a 7-inch touchscreen and also has unusual service intervals of months/12,500km. Want the total package, we 're going to beat the Subaru EyeSight driver-assist suite spacious and! Plus from the Insurance Institute for highway safety 10,000 Outbacks MacPherson-type front suspension and double-wishbone rear suspension offers Subaru! Family of four is used subaru outback vs forester usable the exterior has a fuel tank of. Testing, just like the Outback models is relatively low the turbo lends pep... For everything family car related to get to highway speed in 7.6sec, according to the top at Subaru! 2021 Carsguide Autotrader media Solutions Pty Ltd. all rights reserved, front side, and. Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, plus two USB ports or more bit bland sale on auto Trader today... Subaru Impreza Gravel Express, known in the past with excessive maintenance for Australian... Vs Subaru Forester Head to Head where it got a 5-star safety rating - maximum five stars for all.. Apply to any Subaru vehicle Listing price and Mileage the 2021 Mazda CX-5 discussion Starter • # •. The jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts down rear... Loaded with contemporary technology family of four is perfectly usable every time handle the road 4-cylinder....

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