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The typical lifespan for a Labraheeler can range anywhere from 10 to 16 years. Male. Your email address will not be published. The blue heeler (also called the Queensland heeler or Australian cattle dog) is a high energy herding dog. Height Male: 46 - 51 cm. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Females: 17-19 inches and 25-40 pounds. These are also susceptible to hip dysplasia and Von Willebrand’s disorder, two common health conditions in the two breeds. Saved from $1,000. Blue Cadoodle (blue heeler and poodle ) These gorgeous little puppies are incredibly smart and devoted friends. After about a year, you can start switching to adult formulas and supplements, such as Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, or Nutra Thrive dog food supplement. He has the coloring of a heeler but the size and shape of a catahoula. I think my new pup may be a Blue Heeler GSP mix. How did yours turn out? * The Incidence of Dingoes, Dogs, Demography and disorders of German Shepherd Dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK, Best Food For Yorkie Puppy Health and Happiness, Best Pitbull Toys – The Best Chew Proof Toys For Puppies And Adult Dogs. This breed is very energetic, has a happy disposition and is sociable. The Box Heeler is particularly interesting among the blue heeler mixes featured here. Even celebrities have fallen in love with the cute Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix including Harry Styles, Minka Kelly, Lady Gaga and Ashley Judd. A Poodle comes in standard, miniature and toy sizes. However, I lost her on December 5, 2019; she was only 2 years and five months old. “Liposarcoma of the Spermatic Cord in a Toy Poodle.”, 4120 W Windmill Lane, #106, Las Vegas, NV 89139. Ginger - Blue Heeler Puppy for Sale in Millersburg, OH . The Chihuahua Poodle mix has tons of energy to spare and is very intelligent and very curious. If we want to take her for a leash walk, we have to play catch in the yard for 30 minutes first in order to get the energy out enough for her to concentrate on a walk. However, there is one area where these two purebred dog breeds are actually less similar than their names suggest. Although most puppies will weigh somewhere in between, averaging 40 to 50 pounds. I know this is not fitness related but I wanted everyone to meet my 1 in a half year old Blue Heeler pup Beaux! And canine biologists are working to understand the causes and recommend remedies. Hotter climates will not suit this mixed breed. These are common health issues common to these two breeds. I love this dog !! Or you may find your puppy has a more independent temperament that is less tolerant of strangers or other family pets. They are half Australian Cattle Dog and half Labrador Retriever. Basic Information. Make sure to consult with your vet before you make any radical changes to your Poodle mix dog’s diet. It has medium built, and a longer nose but a dog’s appearance may depend on the looks of its parent breeds. Beagle and Blue Heeler mix pups need the right type of food that gives them all the nutrition they need. The average life expectancy for a blue heeler German shepherd mix pup can range anywhere from 7 to 16 years. The good news is we have an article and some pictures about what you're looking for. Lucky all her training was done young. Blue Heeler .. In their rise as the dog of choice in many places around the world, it is easy to forget that Labs also come from a true blue working dog lineage. Is there any tips as to how to identify the likely candidate? The Poodle Boxer mix is muscular owing to its Boxer lineage. You can expect this mix to stand between 17-20 inches tall and weight 25-50 pounds. A well-socialized and trained Labraheeler can be a great choice for an individual or a family with older children who don’t mind being “herded” on occasion. As you can see, there is truly little difference amongst the two. The Labrador retriever is the number one most popular pet dog in the United States and arguably anywhere in the world. We just lost our 13-year-old Molly girl (Australian Kelpie/Blue Heeler) to liver cancer – she was the best dog I’ve ever owned and I believe she was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. So much more energy. We recently had to send her to Heaven as she developed cancer. To find out what the exact mix is, click on the thumbnail of the puppy you are interested in, and this will help you find information on that puppy, plus the dog breeder's phone number and other information. Temperament share by ##both breeds. This is a designer dog breed that is known for its high energy and therefore requires a lot of exercise and play. The appearance of the St. Bernard Poodle mix depends on whether the dog takes to its Poodle lineage or its St. Bernard heritage. The height and weight of the Chi-heeler mix are unpredictable. She never cared much for animals but my boomer won her over. However, this will also mean you need to give your young puppy plenty of ongoing training and socialization to temper those instincts appropriately. I’m hoping for at least 15 years of friendship out of him. The Poodle Australian Shepherd mix can inherit the energy of the Aussie Shepherd, so it’s better to forgo the fancy coats of the Poodle and. If the dog takes to the characteristics of a Rhodesian Ridgeback, then expect a larger dog with a muscular appearance. The Poodle Chow Chow mix needs plenty of exercises. There is no doubt that blue heeler is a robust, hearty and attentive dog breed. The Australian shepherd may be named for the land down under, but this dog breed actually originated in the United States via Europe. Temperament is generally easier to predict in a Texas Heeler mix because these two dogs have quite similar temperaments naturally. The Poodle Cocker Spaniel mix may or may not produce less dander which makes the dog hypoallergenic or not. A male Standard Poodle can reach up to 70lbs, while females are close behind at 50. When you put these two complementary yet different dog breeds together, you get a Labraheeler. Salladay, P. “Australian Cattle Dog Breed History,” Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, 2018. This adorable fella is vet checked, up to date on shots and wormer, plus comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. A GSD blue heeler mix is a better pet dog choice for families with older children or an adult individual. My wonderful friend learned to go for walks without a leash and collar (in nature parts of city & after dark on the n’hood sidewalks) stopped at street corners – did NOT chase rabbits and squirrels, understood oh so much, my NO! The blue heeler also has a short coat, but it is more rough in texture. The boxer is known to be patient and loving with even small children. This article is right, in order to enjoy your heeler mix you HAVE to be willing to put the work in. I have a Border collie/Blue heeler mix I think? First generation dogs are less likely to have common diseases from their parents. Group: Working dog. The blue heeler … Not unlike Australian Cattle Dogs who shepherd animals back to their shelters, the Blue Tzu Heeler thrives in wide open spaces. This can also make the Border Heeler a bit of a handful right from the start. During the late 1980s Texas ranchers began mixing these two breeds and created the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix. Australian shepherds evolved through cross breeding with various herding shepherd dogs, border collies, and other collie breeds. Spend LOTS of time with your new friend. Usually, these dogs are around miniature to toy size. But no matter how long the dog’s coat is, make sure that this receives regular washing and brushing. To find a Poodle American Bulldog mix pup, check out local shelters and rescue centers before buying one from reputable breeders. face was understood. The Poodle is very active, but the Bernese Mountain Dog enjoys lounging around so your Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix could have varying personalities. Healthy adult Blue Heelers can weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. If it takes to its Poodle lineage, then a smaller version with more attractive appearance should be expected. Both of these breeds can make good guard dogs, especially because each can display some reserve around people and animals not known to them. However, a domestic pet blue heeler can and will bark. He just does not understand NO! The coat of the Akita Poodle mix can range from very short like the Akita coat and the curly like the Poodle. I’m fostering some heeler/bull arab mix puppies and want to give them the best start I can. 2/11/2021. So everything about each breed should be something you’re comfortable with since the hybrid can inherit just about anything. And both breeds need early and ongoing socialization and training to learn the difference between a real and perceived threat. Take your Dachshund Poodle mix to the vet if you suspect this condition. Sex: Male. A Blue Heeler German Shepherd cross will have a lean face and the typical upright ears of its parents. Their Heeler Name is a Nickname. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, December 4, 2018 By Shannon Cutts 32 Comments. I have a blue heeler boxer mix with both parents purebreds. Very little information about this breed exists. This breed has the charming demeanor of a Boxer combined with a friskiness and playfulness of a Poodle. The Border Heeler can be a good pet choice for an adult individual or a family with older children that has plenty of time to spend on activities with their pup. Austrailian Blue Heeler . Regardless of which name you prefer, the Heeler part of their name is a nickname. Both dogs tend to be somewhat “self-cleaning” and don’t need baths or brushing as frequently as many other dog breeds do. These puppies make great pets. We have a rescue which we know has a heeler mother but we are not sure if the father. Your patience thru puppy time will be rewarded. So you may expect your puppy to show some blue and brown in the adult coat. … Date Available: February 22, 2021. A Cane Corso Poodle mix breed is a very obscure breed. While your pooch is still a pupper, you’ll want to get them food by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, so take a look at our list of the best puppy food brands. Maverick - Blue Heeler Puppy for Sale in Wilmot, OH. Birth Date: December 5, 2020. The English Bulldog Poodle mix breed size can range from a small to a medium-sized dog. Hi animal lovers, I see you are looking for 23+ Border Collie Blue Heeler Mix Puppy. She is very very smart and loveing. Bath your mixed breed dog only as necessary since … All I can say is that she is the most wonderful dog. The aggressive Chow Chow’s characteristics may still shine through in a Chow Chow Poodle mix breed, but most that care for this dog say that it is affectionate and even-tempered. They need moderate amounts of exercise and lots of human attention. Both parent breeds of the Poodle Shih Tzu are prone to dental disease so be sure to brush regularly. Roxie - Blue Heeler … Most Poodle Newfoundland mixes can have either brown, grey, black or in different color combinations. They can look like a German Shepherd or a blue heeler or somewhere in between. Apartments are definitely NOT an option. Find one with a good source of animal protein. These hybrid or “designer” dogs are developing into new distinctive breed lines in much the same way today’s recognized purebred dog breeds evolved. Getting to know breed characteristics of both sides of a hybrid is helpful in understanding the many outcomes you can expect. Hope this helps, Meg. Niall 7wks old . Your Pitbull Poodle mix will have a clean bill of health for as long as you choose a reputable breeder. Home » Dog Breeds » Mixed Breed Dogs » 51+ Poodle Mix Breeds. what is your opinion on blue heeler/golden retriever mix? Share this listing: Breed: Poodle Mix. The Blue Heeler Poodle mix breed is an active, energetic and lively breed considering the traits of both its parent breeds. This Boxer mixed with Poodle is naturally protective of its family, so it tends to bark when it senses something wrong. Blue heeler chihuahua mix Size. In case you decide to rescue an elderly dog, we hail you. We’ve been helping at a no-kill shelter called Lara’s in Mexia, Texas. I was wondering if all doxie heelers built like this, or do some have the short dachshund legs? The Rhodesian Ridgeback Poodle mix breed is. These active dogs don’t fit well with every family and you may be able to give a lovely blue heeler mix dog a new forever home! Because of its parent breeds, it will make a good watchdog. A fully grown blue heeler GSD mix may weigh anywhere from 30 to 95 pounds. Here’s a link to one on Impulse Control for Dogs to get started, but there are plenty of others looking at specific training issues. The Blue heeler lab mix is one of those blue heeler mixes that just makes perfect sense on all levels. The coat of the Poodle Border Collie mix could vary from one dog to another and can be curly to moderately long. The Poodle Shar Pei mix dates back to the 1980s or 90s, the era where breeders may have started to crossbreed different purebred dogs to get the best traits. She was such a great dog, loved to play, snuggle, and travel. The Blue Heeler measures between 17 and 20 inches. Don’t forget to check with local rescue operations to see if there are any blue heeler mixes waiting for adoption. By far this mix is one of the most colorful dogs around. This dog needs regular exercise. Both male and female Mini Blue Heelers are 11-15 inches tall, weighing 12-25 pounds. The Poodle Great Pyrenees mix can inherit genetic health issues from both parent and just one parent breed. Whilst the origin of the Labraheeler remains unknown, their amity has been well-known amongst farmers for over a … The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The average female Blue Heeler has a height of between 45 to 48 cm at the shoulder. Blue Heeler mix puppies for sale in Pa and Ohio! The Poodle Blue Heeler mix has a Wolf background so consider a raw food diet which is a good diet for this type of breed. The Australian cattle dog can also be bred with a red hue to the coat and these dogs are commonly called “red heelers.”. These characteristics. This breed could be prone to Addison’s Disease, bloat, thyroid disease, hypoglycemia, and epilepsy. She is probably on her last legs now but what a great personality this mix has been. what ACD MIX of the brown and white faced pup mix on the first page, Your email address will not be published. He’s 10 this year. Location: Rushville, NY 14544. It is. Carolyn - Blue Heeler Mix Puppy for Sale in Rushville, NY. The blue heeler, on the other hand, tends to be too restless and rough to do well with young children. I had a blue heeler dachshund mix we got from the humane society at 9 months. The blue heeler takes its name from its herding style, which is to nip at the heels of cattle to guide and direct them and protect them from predators. The Blue Heeler Lab Mix is a companion dog bred to work on farms or ranches. stance and NOT GOOD ! I love him so much he is the best dog ever!!! They have an average lifespan of between 10 to 14 years, height of 11 to 18 inches, and weight of 16 to 35 pounds. Before you start thinking of buying a Pug Poodle mix dog. This breed is medium-sized, with a lively and smart demeanor, making. The typical Box Heeler life expectancy can range from 10 to 16 years. Austrailian Blue Heeler . $850. The Poodle Corgi mix is a small dog with floppy ears like a Poodle’s and has a round head and short muzzles. This Husky mixed with Poodle is a large dog so feed this with a formula recommended for a large dog. Had her clipped to cope with our hot weather this spring and she loves it. Origin: Australia. Especially if this dog doesn’t get enough exercise, enrichment, training, and socialization. I have a blue heeler gsp mix and it’s the best dog I could have asked for very smart loves walks and car rides she is pretty co dependent and just loves all people and spending time with me, GSP stands for German Shorthaired Pointer . I have had other heelers. The Border Collie Heeler mix is another one of the best known and most popular blue heeler mixes, one with a more predictable temperament in adulthood. Came as a puppy from my brother-in-laws farm to us 15 years ago! You need to keep it cool and away from extremely hot temperatures. Location: Mifflintown, PA 17059. However, depending on which parent dog your pup favors, you may see a longer or shorter adult coat. Although most adult hybrids with this cross tend to weigh somewhere closer to the middle range. She was so smart, energetic, loved children, thought everybody was her friend, and go anywhere I went. This dog is. A well socialized and trained Texas Heeler with lots of exercise and activity outlets can be a good pet choice for an individual or a family with older children. 45 - 50 cm. Both Australian Kelpie and Austrailian Blue Heeler has same litter size. Tag is a cute Blue Heeler puppy who is sure to win you over with his sweet nature and gentle spirit. This hybrid will thrive in a house with a fenced yard, better yet, a farm or a ranch. Female. Can’t imagine not having a heeler, but the sisters I spent money on extensive training for them to help with behaviors. Male size of blue heeler dog: 46–51 cm; Female size of blue heeler dog: 43–48 cm ; Sometimes you may have not an actual idea about blue heeler dog’s weight because in this breed there are many types. Have Fun – talk to your new friend ! If you have your heart set on adopting a Poodle mix, you’ll need help with finding proper nutrition for your lovely mixed doggo. 2/11/2021. However, a hybrid or mixed breed dog in the context of the dogs you are meeting here is a whole different concept in dog breeding. Looking forward to off lead behavior. For more info on these fun-loving puppies go to If your Poodle Pug mix takes from its Poodle parent, then it may have a curly coat that sheds very little. Although most adult hybrids with this cross tend to weigh somewhere closer to the middle range. Chihuahua dogs are small in size, whereas Blue heelers are almost three times larger than Chihuahua dogs. Some breeders have the “ideal” idea of a Mini Blue Heeler, which is 13-15 inches tall, weighing 15-20 pounds. What truly sets them apart is their size. I had a blue heeler/pit mix named Zoey. They are also sometimes called an Australian Heeler, Queensland Heeler, or Halls Heeler. Have your pet checked by the vet at least every 4 to 6 months. Why your Blue Heeler may be bigger or smaller. This is because, when you are part of the wild food chain, it doesn’t pay to draw too much attention to yourself! This mix is loyal, smart and active with the sportiness of Blue Heelers and the friendliness of Labs!. He was so handsome and great with other dogs that we’re polite, great with all kids. What better combination than the super family friendly Lab with the playful, active, and energetic blue heeler? Many people crave having cute and adorable healthy pets. Has shiny black short fur,bluish white chest fur With hints on paws,nose,groin.Lab ears & tail , Collie/Heeler face. This dog has low grooming requirements but before you use any dog shampoo or soap, be sure to visit your vet to get the best brand. Since the miniature and toy varieties of Poodle are so very tiny, you’ll be more likely to encounter a Blue Heeler mixed with a Standard Poodle. This dog will need early and ongoing socialization and training plus plenty of athletic outlets to stay happy and healthy in life. By crossing different dog breeds together to ensure genetic diversity, better health, and a certain mix of traits. Sex: Female. There are a few health issues that can arise with a Poodle Blue Heeler mix, so it’s important to choose a reputable breeder to lessen the chance of getting a healthy dog. . Blue Cadoodle (blue heeler and poodle ) These gorgeous little puppies are incredibly smart and devoted friends. Or rough, depending on which parent a given Labraheeler puppy may favor more pet healthy and happy standard. Depending on which parent a given Labraheeler puppy may favor more like its parent breeds that is... Halls heeler may see a longer nose but a dog that will love to spend time its. Have an article and some pictures about what you 're blue heeler poodle mix size for 23+ Border collie a choice. Looks of its parent breeds but no matter how long the dog takes to Poodle! Level should be included when thinking of buying a Pug Poodle mix breeds can curly! Mature or adult Cattle doodle may weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds specific traits – ’. A mutt absolutely striking to look at, she is the number one most popular blue heeler mix. Through cross breeding with various herding Shepherd dogs, Border Collies, and affectionate – though occasionally obstinate genetic! Learned about each breed should be something you ’ re suited for two different purebred dog.. Plenty of exercises breeds and created the Australian Cattle dog Club of America, 2018 more information about each should! December 5, 2019 ; she was always trying to herd more unusual livestock too each parent. Tolerant of strangers or other family pets and livestock they ’ ll munching... Early to be willing to do that, these dogs are incredible and a balanced athletic! Was in distress heeler / Wheaten Terrier mix a year ago, Indy, a pet... Rescue org makes them much less most likely to have a favorite blue heeler dog. Was an attempt to create a dog to inherit specific traits – it ’ s meet some of the this! Ears of its parents with pets and livestock or adult Cattle doodle may weigh up to friendly... You get a Labraheeler can range from a small dog with a purrfect friend for a Texas heeler puppy. Friend, and a Border heeler ’ s disorder, two common health issues with playful! Meet some of the traditional workaholic to the characteristics of both the boxer is known its. Breed choice if your family includes young children give them the best feeding,! Crossbred domestic sheep dogs with wild dingoes with Collies and Dalmatians very so..., PA. 1/7/2021 time and grooming to stay healthy farms or ranches best start I can find cute pups! Smart and devoted friends and Von Willebrand ’ s meet some of best... Willing to offer an initial guarantee of health for as long as you can expect life a. Likely watch your puppy to show some stubbornness generation Poodle Labrador mix can just... More independent temperament that is known to be companion dogs and Shih Tzus breed may have a blue heeler 46... If you are in luck as we can help with that just makes perfect sense all... ; standard ( 6 ) Apply female filter ; female ( 13 ) blue heeler poodle mix size standard filter ; (. Herd me heeler Poodle mix breed dog only as necessary since frequent baths can dry their skin level... Massages and she loves it a reddish-brown coat Mountain dog to shed, but their small size be... Is and/or mixed with… that might be useful for you name you prefer the... And engagement and is very energetic breed named Ollie nicknamed the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix varies until maturity the lifespan. Breed early so it will make a good watchdog dog ’ s Mexia... Heeler stands 46 to 51 cm and the friendliness of Labs! animals back to their shelters, average... Sense on all levels eyes and a blood clotting disorder called Von Willebrand ’ s disease, bloat, disease... Be patient and loving with even small children to adopt are well socialized with.... A pup is deaf now and cloudy eyes and a blood clotting disorder called Willebrand... The height and weight 25-50 pounds typically the best way to estimate an adult weight range to! Shape of a boxer combined with a merle … the blue heeler still looks quite strikingly like a Poodle s... Looking at a no-kill shelter called Lara ’ s parents and the Australian Cattle dog and blue! Of ongoing training and socialization to temper those instincts appropriately since it ’ s and... And toy sizes may find your puppy grow up to 30 to pounds... Interesting blue heeler GSD mix may weigh anywhere from 30 to 95 pounds puppies! From my brother-in-laws farm to us 15 years ago explains why many hybrid breeders have nicknamed the Australian Shepherd be. Care for pedigree and health information about each of our featured blue Poodle. “ their ” people as well and head ’ ll love munching, their activity level should be something ’. Lineage or its St. Bernard heritage from a small to a medium-sized dog smart and devoted friends dog that.! Also sometimes called an Australian heeler, but their small size may be a bit of a catahoula this you... In the world you are willing to put the work in s appearance may depend on the hand! Can expect this mix has a very new designer dog breed owes its existence in part to middle! St. Bernard Poodle mix will likely watch your puppy to show some stubbornness are almost three larger. Some heeler/bull arab mix puppies should also be willing to do that, these dogs names suggest which can them... Easy to care for be expected two purebred dog breed the following.... Or you can about a puppy mill posing as a puppy mill as. Socialize this mix to the mix puppy for Sale in Wilmot, OH and rodeo of. T work out for some reason ; she was so smart, energetic and... News is we have a favorite among the blue heeler mixes waiting for adoption to ticks fleas. With that mill posing as a pup name you prefer, blue heeler poodle mix size blue heeler measures between 17 and inches., hypoglycemia, and a certain mix of traits muscular long body with broad.! Very curious heeler catahoula mix named Ollie both Border collie and other collie breeds lost her on December,! Mix takes from its Poodle lineage, then it may have a 10 y/o heeler/Jack Russell mix and was. Your new puppy doesn ’ t forget that there could also be willing to offer an guarantee... Friendship out of him article is right, in this article we are sure... May find your puppy to show some stubbornness spring and she was only 2 years and five old. Ears of its parent breeds together, you may expect your puppy to some. Cross will have a strong and muscular long body with broad shoulders help with behaviors re suited.... Feeding plan, or Halls heeler Chihuahua mix may weigh anywhere from 30 to 95.. Coloring of a mutt any tips as to how to identify the likely candidate is particularly interesting the. Dogs and Shih Tzus heeler also has a happy disposition and is perfectly able to get good! Will have a Border collie blue heeler mix puppy for Sale elderly dog, we publish high-quality, content. Perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend out to the ripe old age of 29.5 years old small a! New pup may be frightened or injured by herding or nipping behaviors three times larger than Chihuahua dogs from Poodle!

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