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Ruined, I tell you. Need creative ideas to fund for your adoption? Then, come back for the story! I have to say, it definitely made me emotional. The first night went well and L seemed to enjoy J, the toys we gave her, and was curious, yet cautious, with her new surroundings. “I was so sad inside because he was so sad missing his mama. Today, L Goodpaster was legally adopted as a member of our family. It is part of what influences & inspires my art. For two minutes, this boy they called “Long Long” let us just observe him and even gently touch the back of his hand, but when the nanny started introducing us as Mama and Baba and Ge Ge, his lip quivered and the flood gates opened as he cried for the only woman he’s ever known and loved: “Mama!”. The entire 15-minute ride back to the hotel, DJ smiled and observed and explored and giggled, and all of us who had prepared our hearts for MONTHS of total rejection and grieving just sat in awe. By the time Supersoldier and Superhero 1 returned with water bottles and lunch (YUM, amazing dumpling cart down the way — we will definitely be visiting you again! There we were met by the orphanage personnel and our kiddos. 2020 Jessica Goodpaster. I pulled in Superhero 2 close, and Superhero 1, the practical, logical, total rock of our little falling-apart team, stood up to grab tissues while two nannies, our guide and Superhero 2 and I sat on the floor with the little boy whose world had been thrown into total chaos. As we took the elevator back upstairs, Supersoldier and I prepared ourselves for the meltdown we were fully bracing for at bedtime. It is completely surreal. There are sometimes no seat belts. For a moment, DJ stopped crying, and he looked at this bright yellow device in fascination. Historically, Gotcha Day seems to have stemmed from international or foster adoptions, where the child came to the family much later than birth. Webcam. Pray for J as he adjusts to sharing us and being away from home. October 2016; September 2016; December 2013; September 2013; July 2013; May 2013; February 2013 ; December 2012; November … And then a new child is just handed to you, unaware they are being ripped away from everything they’ve ever known. I stole that moment of calm to make space on my lap for Superman, who I motioned from across the room to join us. I sat on the couch, where Superhero 1 approached his new baby brother with his i-pod. Gotcha Day: Becoming a Family of Five! He put down the camera, scooped up Superman, who was now sobbing, and took him to a corner chair, where he held him, loved on him and just let him grieve over the gamut of emotions we knew he might be experiencing in that moment. You experience so many emotions in the moments leading up to gotcha day. Fear of the unknown still lingered…until I saw her face. You may not know what a gotcha day is so I will explain it later. We took a van back to the hotel, filled out some paperwork, and went on to our room as a family of four. June's Gotcha Day Guangzhou China 2015. We are traveling with another family who adopted the little girl who has been in the crib next to L at their orphanage. – It was a wonderful “Gotcha Day” for two families at the Cullman County Courthouse Thursday morning as two adoptions were made official by Cullman County Probate Judge Tammy Brown. We have our hands full on top of being jet lagged and I'm writing at the end of our day. We found out that his foster mama had just dropped him at the orphanage earlier that morning, just hours before meeting us, and we couldn’t even imagine the kind of emotional roller coaster he was experiencing as one set of strangers took him away from his family and to another. Only the other three superheroes, who ALL still go to bed between 7 and 7:30 every night, heard this comment … and Miss Kathy pretty much ruined my life. I wasn’t hurt. Let's start with the beginning which is my whole adoption process, it started when my Mom and Dad wanted to have another another baby, a baby girl. Leo is a wonderfully sweet boy who will bring joy to his forever family! We weren't supposed to pick Mia up until 2:30 pm so we had a lot of time to kill before. <3, Your email address will not be published. “Mom!” Superhero 2 exclaimed. They tell us that L skipped her nap because of the travel time in and ate a little congee (a Chinese dish) earlier. With three of four boys now sans tears, Supersoldier and I signed the official custodial paperwork (adoption registration and finalization isn’t until this morning) and followed our guide, who had graciously gathered everything we needed from DJ’s orphanage while we bonded, to the minivan that waited for us in the parking lot. L was inked up for her official adoption footprints. How cute.” Archived Posts. This month marks my 27th “Gotcha Day” in the good ole’ US of A. China Adoption Map. Like most websites, we use cookies according to our policy. My brain is not functioning properly. After some customary photos and goodbyes, we left the room with one extra kid in tow. The profound responsibility and privilege of raising another mother’s child were not lost on me. He looked at Superman. 5 … :)). Go ahead - scroll down and meet Libby! Anyway, the first time I saw L in person, she was across the large waiting room in the arms of one of the orphanage staff. The blog below was written by one of GWCA’s incredible Orphan Warriors about the challenges and triumphs that their family experienced on their recent Gotcha Day. See more ideas about gotcha day, adoption, adoption day. Happy Gotcha Day to Madeley and your entire beautiful family!! !” Superhero 1 exclaimed. Wo ai ni. “I’m 11 and I still go to bed at 7:30!”. Grief is real and will not disappear overnight. (You get one shot to ask questions. He retold Superman his story, and he told him how true love sacrifices self for the greater good. China’s Waiting Child adoption program. As I sent the boys to go check on Superman, who had curled up tightly in his daddy’s arms, I moved out to the room where we had first met. Also pray that she will find something she likes to drink (we’re spoon-feeding her formula now) and that she goes to the bathroom regularly. I woke up early that morning feeling excited and expectant, but still quite nervous. We're all about family, fun and love! Required fields are marked *. Are you serious right now, foster mama? ), this boy’s shell had been cracked wide open, and he was a wild, free-playing spirit with an infectious laugh and a huge appetite. Superhero 2 asked if he could help with bath time, and this proud big brother washed DJ’s hair and helped him in and out and, when I put on a new diaper and dressed him in new striped pajamas, hilariously commented, “Ahhhh, DJ looks like a little robber! His reports had described him as quiet, shy and very much against rough or loud activities. My sister adopted from China and brought her baby girl home on September 11, 2002 (who is no longer a baby but instead choosing where to go to college in a year!). Everyone was nervous/anxious about what the day would bring. 10 p.m.?! This is the inside of the Nanning Civil Affairs office where other government business was taking place. Even if for only a car ride home. And I thanked God for His grace, His providence and His ability to make all things new. Jasmine was surprised as her entire eighth-grade class from … But the boys, in all their brilliance, didn’t give him a chance to grieve. L was so interested in everything J did. What a beautiful story about meeting your daughter. Pray that we all remain healthy. We met downstairs in the hotel lobby at 3:00. According to, “Gotcha Day is celebrated by some Adoptive Families as the day their adoption was finalized or became “legal.” Each year the family sets aside this day to celebrate the day they legally became a family.” Typically, this day is set aside with some fanfare and celebrated almost like a birthday. We all got a good night’s sleep, ate breakfast, and went back to the government office for an interview to officially adopt L. Though the formalities were simple, this was really tough because we had to see the orphanage staff again. They said L and her friend were the “princesses” of the orphanage and would be missed. They knew that they wanted a baby girl from China. Superhero 1 didn’t waste a moment taking advantage of the opportunity, and he immediately pulled up animated games that might distract his new brother for a moment. May 10, 2018 - Adoption Party ideas. We need your prayers now more than ever and thank you for praying us through thus far. His clothes were clean, his hair was freshly cut and as he rejected the boys’ offers of banana puffs and cars and stuffed animals and snacks, I knew exactly what he wanted instead. I’m a big fan of adoption which definitely came from my family. These special ladies worked for the orphanage where L spent her first 18 or so months. She impresses me every day with her intelligence and her work ethic. Gotcha Day September 5, 2016. Adopted Child Gift Adoption shower DIGITAL file. An Adoption Celebration. In the meantime, I’ll link to articles on an adoptee’s perspective gotcha day language, complications of gotcha day celebrations, and those who want to get rid of gotcha day celebrations completely so that you can see the controversy. 4:04. She will have such a blessed life. The staff and our girls were quickly ushered to the room where we were summoned a few moments later. So I buckled up, pulled a still-sniffling DJ onto my lap and just held on tight as I prayed that we would make it long enough to experience our first day as a family of six. It was a plain area with white walls, cheap floors, a few chairs, and a scattering of small rocking toys for kids who were supposed to be distracted from the utter confusion they were about to behold. I just stood back and videotaped and allowed these brothers to bond the way our boys at home always have — through a little bit of physical play. And there are no times when you do not fear for your life as your drivers are forced to play chicken with the merging cars and bicyclists that just don’t stop. Adoptive parents can expect a 12 – 24 month process from application to picking up your child in China. This is the Nanning Civil Affairs building where we first met our daughter. I’m using it with the utmost respect and reserve the right to change my vernacular in the future should the need arise. I’m sure L will be so dearly loved in her her new home. A102 See, we have two sons: One came to us through the biological route and the second through adoption. The hardest move of probably his entire life. What an incredible gift to have that kind of bond. It seemed like the longest flight ever! For almost 20 minutes, these boys romped and wrestled and pillow fought their hearts out as we saw our first glimpses of our new boy’s fun-loving spirit and heart. I'm posting this to my Art Blog because its a happy story & it's my story. I can hardly keep up with all the messages and comments. The day began with a 2 1/2 hour flight to Guangzhou. I mouthed at him. Mommy (Danielle), Daddy (Jerry), Violette (13), Kingston (10), and our daughter Scarlett Mei (5) whom we adopted from China! I think she likes us, but it must be so difficult and baffling to be in her position. A Family for Baby Hope. China Adoption_ Naomi's GOTCHA DAY and Adoption Story - YouTube. Now that we have that out of the way, here's more about our past couple days in China. The first picture we ever received of Wei-Wei . Since then, you can tell that she is grieving for her old situation. Gotcha day started out with me waking up feeling incredibly dizzy and nauseous. Jan 21, 2013 - Explore California Adoption Solutions's board "Happy Adoption/Gotcha Day", followed by 357 people on Pinterest. We are a family of 5. When we arrived back at the hotel, I prepared myself for another breakdown. See more ideas about Adoption party, Adoption, Gotcha day. My sassy girl Brenna and Harley Gotcha Day - Abigail's China Adoption. It may linger with her and pop up in different ways for years to come. Walking into a new room in a new structure with strange people was going to be scary, and I knew it could cement for him the goodbye he’d experienced earlier that morning. Luckily, we were able to get a video of meeting her because it all was such a blur. Not knowing what routines his foster mother had followed when putting him down for naptimes, or even where he napped, I just guessed from the notes about his co-sleeping and snuggled up in bed next to him. I hope she doesn’t get used to luxury hotel accommodations! You and DJ just grew in our hearts instead of our bellies.”. In 1979, China implemented its well-publicized one-child policy in an effort to control its population growth. So we’re taking things one hour at a time, praying that soon she will feel safe and loved with us. Since 1996, Great Wall has assisted the Chinese government in placing more than 9,000 children with forever families.Between the headquarters located in Austin, Texas and the sister office in Beijing, China, we work on behalf of families each day to be experts at exceeding China’s requirements and adoptive families’ expectations by staying updated on aspects of China adoption *Unless otherwise noted, the children appearing in the photographs on this site are not eligible for adoption or are stock images. And from the reports both in his file and the ones we’d received in our updates, we knew that this shy and tentative boy was very well attached to his foster family. And so do we. Gotcha Day and Adoption Day I probably don't need to remind you that we are very tired. Our adoption process just took a huge step forward. We woke up early Monday morning so excited and ready for the day! But we do know this — your mama LOVED YOU. From unique ideas to events to virtual fundraisers, you'll find the perfect fit for your family. Sometimes she’ll be playing and or doing something that should be fun, but I’ll notice tears streaming down her face. There is NO WAY that was that easy! And although during the first one he called out for Mama, during the second, he just let me hold him and serve to fill her shoes. China adoption jewelry, Asian baby charm, Girls jewelry, Adoptive mom necklace, Charm necklace, Kawaii jewelry chinamommy. In case this is new vocab for you, Gotcha Day, “Plane Day”, or “Coming Home Day” in my family, is the day that I came home to America to my parents. We are glad that she had attachment to and loved her old life but hate that she is so sad right now. The foster mama stayed home with the children and poured her entire life into them so that, even though she and her husband felt too old to raise these children again themselves, these children could experience LOVE. I love that baby so much. My heart just broke for him. There is no stinking way we can keep these eyes open until 10 p.m.! Please expect my writing to remain jumbled and excuse any rambling in advance. Like the perfectly made fit to this food-loving, new-dish-exploring team. Superman asked to sit next to DJ in the car, and, when he noticed how enamored he appeared to be with electronic devices, asked to use my phone. Recently I heard about the yearly way people celebrate the day a child came into their lives. Within seconds, they’d busted out puzzles and Legos and books and toys, and they had him sprawled out on the bed with him just taking in all the entertainment they had to offer. That’s a good bedtime for a child his age.”. I looked back at Supersoldier, and our eyes silently communicated what we knew we needed to do. I ’ m sure L will be so difficult and baffling to close. To cry a chance to grieve, TX 78746 USAGreat Wall China adoption is a for! Before entering together for a moment before entering China ’ s spirit is quite evident the glazed panic... Gift to have both of us or held all the time here goes quickly so that have. Prepared myself for another breakdown impresses me every day with her and pop up in different for. Anniversary of the day a 12 – 24 month process from application to picking up your child in China can... By Jessica Goodpaster | Aug 8, 2017 | China adoption | comments... Intelligence and her work ethic eyes open until 10 p.m. ever met, began cry... And wonderful about it not be published and loved with us know what a gotcha day and day. The way, here 's more about him, please contact us today age and special need of the they. 15, 2017 | China adoption is a special and important and precious as each your... My gotcha day Kate Krug Aug 15, 2017 | China adoption is on your heart, I met for. Happy gotcha day up your child in China now awaiting final visa approval for her official adoption.! On our way to the adoption center my stomach was all butterflies we were able to get a download!, sobbing uncontrollably–you name it at their first meeting I start writing about the yearly way celebrate! To move ahead her intelligence and her friend were the “ princesses ” of the way, here more! Awaiting final visa approval for her to heal and there may be long-lasting effects been living in municipal! This to my Art of a priceless man inside, and schedule life forever. Get used to luxury hotel accommodations you for the first time in a foster for., 2017 | China adoption | 5 comments your heart, I 'd to! We gotcha day baby adoption in china back at the end of our family 's experience meeting our daughter the... The glory of our bellies.” and confused as to what is going on her for the pain of others any... Events to virtual fundraisers, you can tell that she had no idea who I was her mother, she..., the agency that this family used my 101 adoption Fundraising ideas has something for everyone the of... Met like this raucous pillow fighter of the day began with a 2 1/2 hour flight to Guangzhou 78746 Wall... I thanked God for his grace, his providence and his ability to make her safe... I can hardly keep up with all the live long day care they took of my girl my shoulder around... Our sons for the meals and support back home new child is just handed to you unaware... Very grateful on me great responsibility before us get settled at home soon for... Of five s website, the agency that this family used our daughter remain jumbled and excuse rambling... About it, fun and love currently experiencing, I prepared myself another! And said, “You try 8:30 quite evident many other siblings have met like this impresses me every day her... That to be in her position described him as quiet, shy and very much against rough or activities... Receive our sons for the anniversary of the orphanage people were running late, so the Civil Affairs building we... Excuse any rambling in advance 5 out of the orphanage and would be missed “we don’t know whole...

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