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This educational Black Bear books for kids presents facts along with full color photographs and carefully chosen words to teach children about the Black Bear. (2021). Easy Science for Kids, Jan 2021. They will also eat grubs, insects, fish, and small mammals. Their favorite meals are fruits and nuts, grasses, twigs, and honey. People think Polar bears can become 25–30 years old in nature, but in captivity (for example, in zoos), they can become up to 45 years old. Just like humans, their dinner plates may include a variety of foods. It has small eyes, rounded ears, a … The feeding habits of the Asian Black Bear are very diverse and are considered omnivorous. The female gives birth to 1 to 6 cubs after a long gestation period of 235 days. There are approximately 10,000-12,000 of them in the state. [3] ABOUT US. That’s why you should never, ever feed a bear. They love ants, grubs and worms. Facts About Black Bears. 6An adult male black bear is called a boar. The head-body length measures 120 to 200 cm and the shoulder height is about 70 to 105 cm. Black bears aren’t always black. It is important to remember that black bears are large, wild animals. Its muzzle is light-brown, and fur around neck exceptionally long, mane-like. The American black bear is the smallest species of bear … American black bears have a lifespan of 18 – 23 years in the wild. People can see bears in forests when they are hiking and camping, and some people even see bears in their yards. In the wild, they are … Males are much larger than females. The bear inhabits throughout the forests of North America. Black bears can run 35 miles per hour and can live for more than 25 years. The female gives birth to 1 to 6 cubs after a long gestation period of 235 days. The Kodiak bear is said to be the largest sub-species of black bear. They will eat roots, tubers, grasses, corms, bulbs, buds, shoots, shrubs, insects, yellow jackets, bees, ants, honeycombs, salmon, trout, catfish, voles, and rodents. Subspecies of this bear include the cinnamon bear, the glacier bear, the Mexican black bear, the Kermode bear, the … Cubs stay with their mother for about 2 years to learn how to hunt and survive. < >. Black bears have 7.7–17.7 cm long tail. [8] Unlike many mammals, bears can see in color. Related. The breeding season ranges from June to July. Fun Facts about Black Bears for Kids Black bears sleep in caves during the winter. Black bears are omnivores. The population of Canadian black bears is about 396,000 – 476,000 while the United States is home to 339,000 and 465,000 American black bears. Packed with facts about the Black Bear, your children or grandchildren will enjoy learning from start to finish while they read this book. Black bears aren’t always black. They love to consume fruits, berries and nuts when they are in season. Made in the UK.Subscribe to All Things Animal TV! The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is one of the smallest bear species—probably the smallest of the North American bears. American black bears make habitats in woodlands, dense vegetation, forests, dry meadows, riparian areas, Appalachian Mountains, spruce-fir forests, and terrains. They have molars that are great for grinding up foods and large canine teeth for ripping apart fish and other f… All about Black Bears: Black bears like to swim. The American black bear is the world’s most common species of bear. Young Polar bears stay with their mothers for 1–2 years, and they become mature when they are 5–6 years old. They eat mostly plants, roots, small mammals, insects and lizards. Cubs weigh only 280–450 g at birth. Black Bear Facts for Kids ." An American black bear’s soles are black or brownish, and appear to be naked, leathery, and fully-wrinkled. Grizzly bear vs black bear. The breeding season ranges from June to July. Their scientific name, Ursus americanus floridanus, is derived from the Latin words meaning Florida American bear.They are a subspecies of the American black bear.In 1970, the Florida black bear population only numbered in the 100s. They are widely distributed in the United States including northern Midwest, Georgia, Alaska, Rocky Mountain Region, southern Indiana, Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho. Males can be up to 70 percent heavier than females. They also look for honey and carrion in the trees. However, the American black bear is the world's most common bear species. As is typical of bears, the American black bear has pretty keen sense of smell—nearly 7 times that of a dog. Facts about Black Bears Black bears can smell and hear very well. April 15, 2015, Kavya Bisaria, Leave a comment. Name three ecosystems in which brown bears live. Black Bear Facts for Kids. Bear facts show us that there are only 8… They can also climb trees and are strong swimmers. They can be brown, red, or even white. Their short claws make it easy for them to open up termite mounds and enjoy a feast there. Grizzly bears tend to live in more open areas, while black bears prefer … American black bears are omnivores. Answer: Black bears aren’t as aggressive as brown bears, but they are wild animals. Question: Do black bear eat large mammals? The oldest wild bear lived up to 39 years while the oldest captive bear ever recorded at 44 years. ), males being larger than females, and the different sub-species are similar in their body shape, footprints and diets. Question: How long do cubs stay with their mom? You may cut-and-paste the below MLA and APA citation examples: Declan, Tobin. " American black bears usually hibernate during winter. In rare occasions they were reported to inclu… They can smell food from far away and will get into trash cans or camp sites. Black bear are the smallest of bear species in North America - grizzly and polar bears are larger. The black bear is a bulky and thickset mammal. American black bears are able to run at 25 to 30 miles per hour. Male black bears weigh between 150 and 250 pounds. Mamas have babies in the caves. Web. Brown Bear Facts for Kids: Watch the following video and then ask your child to answer a few questions about brown bears. But if things get too rough, mama bear will discipline them by swatting them with her paw! The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a medium-sized bear native to North America.. Sometimes you will see these bears on the ground looking for other animals to eat. A grizzly may chow down on 90 pounds (40 kilograms) of food each day. It is the smallest of the three bears species found in North America. Black bears are good moms. Black bears are usually afraid of people. Find out what they look like, what they eat, and other interesting facts. Polar bears live alone. Take the FREE & fun Black Bears quiz and download FREE Black Bears worksheet for kids. American black bears begin to forage at night though they also become active during the daylight hours. Polar Bear. Adults range from 1.5 to 1.8 metres (5 to 6 feet) in length and weigh 90–270 kg (200–600 pounds). Polar bears are black with clear fur, so in daylight, they appear white; at night, they are invisible. This is because t… They are not only remarkable swimmers; black bears are also expert climbers. [4] The world’s most widely distributed bear is the brown bear. Enjoyed the Easy Science for Kids Website all about Black Bears info? Back slowly away. A problem for black bears is that literature about bears often does not separate black bears from grizzly bears. Black bears den for various lengths of time governed by the diverse climates in which they live, from Canada to northern Mexico. These small, timid bears live in forests and woodland areas in many parts of the United States. By the time hibernation has ended the cubs are bigger and full of energy. They are found in Alaska, much of Canada and the United States, and extend as far south as northern Mexico.. Black bears are extremely adaptable and show a great variation in habitat types, though they are primarily found in … Tobin, Declan. American black bears are fairly common as there are hundreds and thousands of individuals worldwide. The newborn cubs are almost the size of a ground squirrel. During the fall, a brown bear eats practically around the clock, stocking up for the four to seven months when it'll have to live off stored body fat. Predators of American black bear’s cubs are wolves, bobcats, coyotes, brown bears, cougars, and golden eagles. 13An adult female black bear is called a sow. American Black Bear. American black bears hibernate for as long as 3 – 8 months. Despite its name, black bear can be white, light brown, dark brown, cinnamon, bluish-black or black colored. Easy Science for Kids. * BLACK BEAR * | Animals For KidsQuality, educational videos for kids. BEAR FACTS FOR KiDS . There are over twice the number of American black bears than there are all other bear species combined. Black bears usually eat plants and berries. Leave them alone and never feed them. Bear cubs are really playful. They come in a rainbow of colors from black to reddish brown (cinnamon bears) to light brown to white. They wake up to care for their babies. Answer: Black bears usually eat plants and berries. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Answer: Baby black bears stay with their mothers for 2 to 3 years. Check out this interesting video all about black bears: A video documentary of a mother black bear teaching her cub some life lessons. A Red (Black) Bear . 8Cubs weigh 8 ounces to 16 ounces at birth. Florida black bears are part of class Mammalia and are found throughout Florida, southern Georgia, and Alabama. Black bears are now recognized as an important natural resource in New Jersey and as part of the state's heritage. Black bears are not always black. Let's take a look at some interesting facts about Black Bears: The scientific name for a black bear is Ursus Americanus. Most of their diet is plant based. For over 30 million years, bears in one form or another have roamed the Earth. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'easyscienceforkids_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_12',801,'0','0']));———————————–. Read this lesson to learn all about the American black bear, one of the eight bear species. Giant pandas (often referred to as simply “pandas”) are black and white bears. Other interesting American Black Bear facts. Black is a species, not a color, and in Colorado many black bears are blonde, cinnamon or brown.Colorado once had grizzlies, but officially has only one type of bear: the American Black Bear (Ursus americanas). Females are smaller. Cubs weigh only 280–450 g at birth. They will also consume the bark from the trees when other food sources are scarce. 12In winter, bears go into a state of torpor to fend off hunger. Easy Science for Kids Website all about Black Bears, download FREE Black Bears worksheet for kids, Famous American Inventors (Top ten and their Inventions), How To Build a Winogradsky Column and Learn About Soil Science. Their paws are relatively large, with a back foot length of 13.7 to 22.5 cm, which is slightly larger than other medium-sized bear species, but relatively smaller than the paws of adult brown and polar bears. For lengthy info click here. Black bears stand 2 to 3 feet at shoulders and 4 to 7 feet long from nose to tail. If one approaches you, stand tall, wave your arms and make noise. Scientific Name: Ursus americanus Description: The black bear Ursus americanus is one of the most familiar wild animals in North America today. Start your unit by learning about some of the most common bears around: The brown bear, the grizzly bear, and the black bear. Black bears have small eyes, long noses, round ears and a short tail. If a predator comes, mama black bears scoot their babies up a tree. Bears who find little food in their habitat will come into areas where humans live and will forage for food in trash cans or dumpsters. Asiatic black bear has shaggy, black coat with whitish-creamy, crescent-shaped mark on the chest (hence the nickname "moon bear"). Retrieved from, Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved |. American black bears hibernate for as long as 3 – 8 months. Interesting Black bear Facts: Black bear can reach 4 to 7 feet in length and 150 to 300 (or rarely up to 500) pounds of weight. The black bear’s habitat is abundant in coniferous, maple, and beech. Pretty sure you weren’t expecting that all about black bears. Cookie Cutter Shark Facts for Kids – Cookie Cutter Shark Interesting Facts, Greenland Shark Facts for Kids – Greenland Shark Interesting Facts & Information, Megalodon Shark Facts for Kids – Megalodon Shark Facts and Information, Tasmanian Devil Facts for Kids – Fun Facts & Information, Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts for Kids – Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts, Harpy Eagle Facts for Kids – Harpy Eagle Fun Facts, Polar Bear Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts about Polar Bears, Grizzly Bear Facts for Kids – California Grizzly Bear Facts, Giant Panda Facts for Kids – Fun Facts and Information. They have been sighted throughout the state. As winter approaches, brown bears—often called grizzly bears—prepare for a long hibernation. They can run up to 30 miles per … Lean bears are fast. The black bear is large and stocky and has a short tail. General Description: The black bear is approximately 4 to 7 feet from nose to tail, and two to three feet high at the withers. The body temperature of black bears also decreases to 31 °C (88 °F) during hibernation. Giant Panda . American black bears (Ursus americanus) live in North America and Mexico; their diet consists primarily of leaves, buds, shoots, berries, and nuts. They feed, dry and protect their babies. Much (85%) of the bear’s diet consists of vegetation. Black bears or scientifically called Ursus americanus are native to North America and are most familiar and common bears.They are typically known to live in forests but, can also be found in mountains and swamps. The is designed specifically for kids so that they get to know some of the most interesting & amazing facts about animals. Adult males weigh 126–551 pounds while females average 90–375 pounds in weight. In fact, during hibernation, an American black bear's heart can stop for twenty seconds. Sloth Bear. They are considered to be large to medium sized (males weighing between 56.7-226 kg or 130-500 lbs. If they lose their fear of people, they sometimes attack. The head is small but is supported by a strong neck. American black bears are able to run at 25 to 30 miles per hour. They often climb up the trees either to escape predators or to get some sleep. Grizzly Bear. 02 Jan 2021. If you ever see a bear in the wild, chances are, it’s a black bear. Black bear has brown muzzle and white markings on the chest. There are small differences in appearance that make each sub-species special, such as a furrier face, thicker fur, sleeker fur, and their size. Interesting Asiatic black bear Facts: Asiatic black bear can reach 47 to 75 inches in length and 88 to 440 pounds of weight. The black bear's greatest adaptation is its ability to eat many different things. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Spectacled Bear. During this time, the black bear's metabolism and heart rate both decrease in relation to one another. They feed, dry and protect their babies. Black bears can run up to 30 miles per hour. Black bears are good moms. The newborn cubs are almost the size of a ground squirrel.

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