black genoa fig

Good for eating, drying and jam. The flavour is very rich and sweet. or Best Offer. Despite their name, they aren't really black—more of an insanely deep blue-purple that is gorgeous in its own right. Black Mission fig "fruit" has a tough peel (in this case, green giving way to deep purple), often cracking near the stem end upon ripeness, and exposing the pulp beneath. Grew poorly in 5-1-1 but loves coconut … – Names of the fig varieties are incredibly cool and interesting: Black Genoa, Preston Prolific, White Adriatic…there is also the Brown Turkey, which I guess is cool as well! It has a distinctive flavour and good storage qualities. Grows well in cooler areas. Fig Orgnic Black Genoa VeryLarge SweetFruits Ficus carica-Fruiting Mother Plant. The fruit is dark purple at maturity, with red seeds and white flesh. Excellent flavoured large fruit with greenish purple skin and dark red, rich sweet flesh. Self-fertile. Black Genoa fig $ 29.00 inc. GST. It’s a fast growing, medium sized deciduous tree reaching three to five metres in height. A fast growing, medium sized deciduous tree growing 3-5 metres tall. Fruits are small but sweet and have an excellent flavor. The tree has an open and spreading habit. Fig - Brown Turkey (Ficus carica) Fruit Tree Plant. They really are fruit trees from out of antiquity, up there with the oldest of known fruits still cultivated, known in Biblical times and well before, along with grapes and olives. When the leaves are examined, many rust-colored spots are visible on the underside of the leaf. The White Genoa fig tree is our best selling fig tree for its ease of growing and consistent productio In stock. Black Genoa figs are used for fresh fruit, drying and jams. Hello, your enquiry limit has been reached! Prune to any shape. A large sized fig with purple skin and a very sweet, rich flavour. It produces an abundance of figs that are generally larger and plumper than the black fig varieties. Plant the fig tree in the full sun. Used for fresh fruit, drying and jam. The first crop is normally the best, bearing delicious sweet juicy fruit in … The flesh is red with a distinctively sweet flavour. Common Name: 'Black Genoa Fig' Quick Facts: Large size fruit with greenish-purple skin. Fruit can be used to make jam. Vigorous, spreading tree. Please select. Black Genoa fig quantity. Black Genoa is the leading commercial variety for fresh fruit production. Please give us a call on 9279 8645 for further enquiries about stock availability. Summary Description: A very vigorous plant that tends to produce suckers from the base of the trunk. 'Black Genoa' has a large sized fruit with purple skin and red flesh, with a rich sweet flavour. Fig Plants - Black Genoa. Free postage. They say figs are easy to grow, but I’m not so sure. Brown Turkey: a hardy fig with purple/brown skin and pink sweet flesh. Ficus carica - Fig Black Genoa Fig Tree Fruiting Fig. Man and fig have come a long way since then but have remained very much good friends, travelling and setting up home together all over the world where summers are warm and dry and winters are cool. Use for fresh fruit, drying and jam. Black Madeira: Facebook Photo Video 1 Video 2: Black Madeira is a great fig a fig brought to California by immigrants from the island of Madeira, Portugal over 50 years ago. Fig ‘Black Genoa’ Ficus carica “Black Genoa’ Exotic (Mediterranean / Asia ) | Full sun | H up to 5m | W 4m | A self-pollinating, fast growing deciduous fruit tree that is a … Free postage. Inside they are beautifully pink. Figs are a fantastic snack on their own. Reference (accessed 31/3/15) Fig - Black Genoa - Bagged quantity. Figs. Black Genoa fig bears large purple skinned fruit with dark red very rich sweet flesh, very productive and vigorous tree, gives a good crop – enough for you and some for the birds as well. Black Genoa Fig. The flesh is very thick, creamy white and juicy with a distinctive sweet flavour. Trees can grow over 30 feet tall, but prune to keep as small as 10 feet tall and wide. The fruit is dark purple at maturity with bright red flesh. During this article, we’ll be focusing on the common fig – Ficus carica.

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