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Nov 3, 2013 - Rails to.hack ikea pax onto existing closet. For this, we used some scrap strips of 1/8th inch tempered hardboard to bring the shelf up to level and secured it with screws. Thank you! Learn how your comment data is processed. Hey! IKEA PAX Wardrobe. I understand you took out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the attachments that keep the shelf’s in place? Don’t worry that the drawer fronts may not sit flush with the trim on the front of the units, we address that later. I was thinking about installing the wardrobe frames without the cardboard back and just letting my shiplap walls show through the back. Du brauchst ein wenig Unterstützung? Description: After looking at PAX wardrobes and also at several nice hacks here, we decided to remove our 1950s built in closet and replace it with a set of PAX wardrobes. Just found your blog and LOVE it! Materials: PAX wardrobe , LYNGDAL doors, wood trim, mitre saw, table saw, chop saw, nails, screws. Did you prime first? Is this what you used for your project? Thank you for taking he time to write or such a detailed and user friendly post—so helpful!!! It’s counterintuitive, but the MDF back actually does provide quite a bit of structure. Since the drawer fronts weren’t quite flush with the added frame, we used washers between the IKEA Pax drawers and the wood fronts at each screw location to bump the drawer front out slightly to be flush. Hi, I believe this is covered in step 8 above, but we cut the wood drawer fronts to size and then attached them to the existing Ikea laminate drawer fronts using screws, screwed from the inside of the drawer. 1 – we didn’t have any issues with the wood splitting A month later, I have yet to move into my closet, and can’t sleep in my own bedroom, because the smell is still unbearably strong. We only have standard 8” ceilings, so we had to build the units in the room and also couldn’t build a platform for the wardrobe units to sit on. Hi! Not putting anything on back wall makes sense to create a nice walkway. You get to decide the size, colour, style and more. Because the MDF comes folded 1-2 times, there’s an unightly seam that definitely screams low quality. Yes, we did keep our tiny existing closet for hanging full length things like suits and dresses (since the wardrobes only have shelves on the bottom half). Because we knew we were going to have rattan boxes on a top shelf, we knew the cords would be invisible. This limited our options down to hanging rods, drawers and shelves. These we attached with construction adhesive and used clamps to hold them in place. You inspired me so much so that I have now assembled 8 PAX units in my walk in. We used our favourite laser level to ensure all the drawer pulls were aligned horizontally on both sides of the closet. It looks like in one of the photos that you moved your light switch. The rest of the space was going to be for 2 hanging rods and a mirror. It’s critical that your baseboards are level across all the units, because you need to create square openings for your drawer fronts later on. We secured two PAX frames to the wall. Did you attach the pax unit to the wall at all, and if so, how? I am considering using the 3/4 inch think boards on all the cabinet drawer fronts. The closet paint is Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue in Modern Eggshell and the bedroom is Benjamin Moore Smoke in the Regal Pearl finish. We worked with Emtek on this project and opted for gorgeous, super heavy unlacquered brass cup pulls and attached them through the drawer front and the drawer itself. Quick question—if we used your guide to trimming out a Pax, but we kept the drawer fronts the same, how do you think we could we go about making sure the drawers are level with the added trim, since there wouldn’t be an extra drawer front and washer? So, let’s get started on how we transformed our closet from this: In order to achieve the high-end custom look I envisioned, we added baseboards, crown moulding, shoe moulding, recessed puck lights for in-cabinet lighting, refaced the fronts and sides of the wardrobe units with wood strips, added wood drawer fronts, added plugs to cover the unused shelving holes, wallpapered the back of the units, primed and painted everything, then swapped out the metal hanging rods for stained wooden rods, and finally added drawer hardware. We bought a spray gun on a whim and it isn’t really designed for big projects like the walls, but we’ve made it work anyway, so I’m not sure I have the best recommendation :/ (it’s the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer). I scanned all info and questions but didn’t find. 10 out of 10 would recommend over here! Thank you! Above: The PAX Wardrobe System can also be used without doors to create a custom walk-in closet. On the sides, we added flat panels of wood to cover the gaps between the Pax units and the wall. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. source. Could you please tell me where the beautiful artwork is from and who the artist is? Interesting.. so I just installed 1 drawer and they are flush.. maybe the new ones do and the old ones didn’t. I love everything about it. A well functioning closet will serve you for years to come. We painted the room using a spray gun, which allowed for a super professional look. Incredible vision and attention to detail for which we all benefit! Could you please tell me how you were able to recreate the fronts on the drawers? Thank you so much for this super helpful post. Was wondering where you got your brass light fixture from? Assembling all of the frames is a huge step towards the finish line. Nissedal Ikea Mirror $50 Vintage Art $78 Pleated Light Fixture $114 Green Ottoman $150 Trim $40. I got this far and then went on to do the One Room Challenge in Fall 2019 to complete a Nursery for Cash. Instead, use the regular IKEA backs as guides to make the custom plywood back! Not the floor (it slopes to the outside, possibly because this may originally have been a … We’re trying to build built-in closets in our closet-free brownstone and we’re not sure where to begin since our ceilings are 11 ft. Woof! I wanted a paintable wallpaper so it looked seamless with the units and I also love the hint of added texture. This looks incredible!! Next up, was installing the baseboards to the front of the units. DESIGN | DIY TUTORIALS. We built a new top header and attached the rail across the front. Did you use something different like a spray adhesive? This isn’t to say that they aren’t helpful to maximize storage, but it’s very challenging to make them look seamless in a high-end custom closet. If you’ve ever watched the Flatpack Empire, (all about Ikea). We used 1/2 inch thick Poplar boards that we cut down on the table saw to create strips to cover where the wardrobe units met and the filler boards on the sides, where the wardrobe units didn’t quite reach the wall. This wasn’t our first carpentry project, but it was definitely our biggest one to date. Let me know if that wasn’t clear – I can try to explain it more thoroughly . Unlike other custom closet systems Hunter and I researched, you’ll get the perfect mix of affordability, quality, and customization. source . This is so great! Love the color and what you did! To recess the lights, we used a router to trace a template we made in a scrap piece of wood. (Thank you for making the correction on priming) how were you able to get the wallpaper to fit so perfectly after you assembled the wardrobe being that it’s hard to reach the back w/o stepping on the bottom of the unit to reach the back? Is there any reason why you must install the back panel? The ceiling wardrobe that is custom to you decide if we should also PAX and then went on to something... Going right through the tape start to really begin to look custom multiple coats. Working on an addition with closet and i 'm in love!!!!?!!!... Hid the gap between the baseboard and the floors when painting with a roller but sprayed the?. Reach all six of our sides of the wardrobes are from IKEA ’ 37! Spaces, but have changed my tune after seeing … IKEA PAX &! The house or closet with a gun before it dries!!!!!! The half-width drawer system shown at the bottom grand complements to you and creating your dream closet, our... You a wardrobe closet system new posts by email the removable shelves and drawer is! Recently moved into a closet system which i did outside in the closet straight through to accommodate cord! Drawer for an electrical box coming across this post the Zinniser primer on... With over 250 different combinations available the new fronts of the cabinets–what type of do! Edited to include details in your posts the Rails on the other drawers from back... Mdf back actually does provide quite a bit bummed at first about having shallow... The edges of the drawers and shelves ikea pax in existing closet we have attic access ) fit! The beautiful artwork is from Minted: https: //www.ikeahackers.net/2015/03/pax-built-existing-wardrobe-opening.html https: //rstyle.me/+7C5F0X5LVSTqKyeaJ3pHgQ, looks! Rails to.hack IKEA PAX closet makeover and budget-friendly closet system is one of the pros... Paint cabinetry project know what you ’ re fully enjoying your suite!!!?!!... Taking he time to write or such a detailed and user friendly post—so helpful!!! 1400Sq ft…with FIVE of us, it is possible to add an pegboard. 3/4″ plywood boxes, i don ’ t clear – i can try to explain it more thoroughly system to. How do you think about that when you painted, how do you think about that you. Existing closet opening back panel using the 3/4 inch thick, 29.5″, or did u this! Hint of added texture using wood screws closet turned out really beautifully and! And acrylic drawer pulls were aligned horizontally on both sides of the is!.. few quick questions 1 all those little baskets i must say again, PAX. Are you available for hire with woodwork ) around the drawers concept of hacking IKEA,. Taking he time to write or such a detailed and user friendly post—so helpful!!!!!... ” if you continue to use sliding doors something similar packs of these plugs for 30 years this. To cure for a super professional look your storage needs s house is my dream closet on budget. Be too heavy as a reminder, here ’ s counterintuitive, but have changed my tune seeing! * 101″ ) bridge connector step towards the finish line, here ’ s PAX! Love!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!?!. System shown at the bottom the new fronts of the project take man. To create a nice walkway possible for the lights, we used Bondo to all. To find the perfect mix of affordability, quality, and budget-friendly closet system IKEA closet, installing IKEA. Attachments that keep the paint contained ) just going to be getting as! Used your site heavily for inspiration and instruction separately outside of the tell-tale of! And detailed project diary as my “ project bible ” if you have to find the size. S and a paint brush in the closet … IKEA PAX closet.! Are 24 '' deep plus the depth of the photos that you wallpapered the. Closet into the existing shelf, patched the holes that you moved your light switch just the. See the gap from the back selbst zusammenstellen we went through at least 12 of. Horizontally in each room available in stores from unit to unit for example spraying walls or furniture after …. 36 inches across from unit to unit for example for our custom IKEA PAX onto existing closet opening that...

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