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Colonel Littman originally got his starts from Mr. Cross in Tallahassee Florida, so Colonel Littman called the fig “Black Cross.” We don’t know its true origins but we do know it’s not a Mission, Black Jack, Petite Negri or Violette de Bordeaux as this fig’s skin is a different color. This is the UCD version. Has the lowest light requirements (making it an excellent indoor OR outdoor fig) 3. has an irresistible fragrance and a fantastic sweet, rich flavor. Violette de Bordeaux is widely considered by experts as one of the very finest figs. I have offered this service for the past 3 years and has worked out well as people can "lock in" the exact variety they want and not have to worry about that variety … The Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree is considered by experts as one of the best figs because: 1. A must have variety. It is incredibly easy to grow 2. He also likes the website. Plant database entry for Common Fig (Ficus carica 'Violette de Bordeaux') with 5 images and 22 data details. Rich flavor, good fresh or dried . Very cold hardy. Whether the figs sold in the Pacific Northwest under this name are the true Negronne or Violet de Bordeaux is unsettled, but the fruits are much alike. Use the navigation list to the right to get the details on what is growing in the yard (Mobile users: use drop down list below). The inside is a strawberry red, with a sweet, jam like taste and consistency. Welcome to Fig Database! Brooklyn White has a glazed strawberry flavor. This productive variety boasts an irresistible fragrance and extremely flavorful small to medium-size fruit. Figs are such a hearty plant it is very rare for an established plant to die while in the greenhouses here. Nothing will be as good as some of his vids though. It is both a vigorous grower and quite productive- many times setting two figs per node. The figs from this area have an AOC -like Champagne-, which means it may only be called Violette de Sollies when originating from farms in the designated area. Little Miss Figgy is a dwarf version of the Violette de Bordeaux Fig and has the same delicious fruit but in a compact plant. Violette de Bordeaux fig tree is an excellent mission-type fig for cooler summer locations. A small tree with medium sized dark skinned, sweet and flavorful fruit. We provide to you for information in the field of figs. The Violette de Bordeaux figs are small jet-black fruit with dark red flesh. cheap and easily available) figs usually will find in many big box or gardening shops in USA. 7. This is an air-layer from my 4 year old, potted mother tree and is rooted(see last pic.) VDB is a medium size dark purple fig with a deep red flesh and a rich sweet berry flavor. Beers Black/VdB is proving to be my favorite flavor when allowed to fully dry on the tree. Had a dwarf black mission fig in an oak half-barrel tub for 8 or 10 years which finally got so root-bound it died. Along with exceptional, unique and advanced features for its members to keep track of their fig collection. Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree. When you order this Violette de Bordeaux fig tree you will receive 4 little seedlings that will only be between 2 and 5 inches tall. The cuttings pictured above are what you will receive. Sources are sorted by zip code. Fruit ripens August Zones 8B-10" Excellent fig - arguably the finest Southern fig, but usually disappointing in California and the Southwest. Building a 3 x 3 foot redwood planter for this smaller dwarf tree. Each cutting has at least 3 nodes. Cuttings have been washed, wrapped in parafilm and stored in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator. It is a slightly elongated fig with a beautiful purple interior loaded with sweet berry flavors, as well as honey. Big and bright, with beautiful yellow-gold skin and relatively large fruit, Brooklyn White can… Violette Du Bordeaux Fig is very good fresh or dried. Odd request: Picture of an in ground, 10+ year old, single trunk Ronde de Bordeaux – Hey folks! This is a taste test of my violette de bordeaux fig. Violette de Bordeaux Fig. For instance he recently tasted his "Violette De Bourdieu" fig and was blown away by the flavor. How to distinguish between Mission and Bordeaux type figs? – Hey Folks, ... To view varieties in the Violette de Bordeaux Family, click HERE. Grow the "Violette De Bordeaux" (Ficus carica "Violette De Bordeaux") common fig cultivar if you have a small growing space or wish to grow the tree in a container. Retailers listed have ordered this item. The pulp is very light honey flavor, more akin to agave and should be listed among agave flavor figs rather than among the typically more resinous tasting honey figs. Figue de Solliés is a whole, fresh fig of the Bourjassote Noire variety, with a uniquely balanced flavor of acidity and sweetness, grown in the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, department of Var. In this video, I finally get to taste test my Violette de Bordeaux fig, which I pruned to a 16" single stem last winter and took all summer to recover. Its a breba fig. Enjoy the fruit freshly picked or dried. Description: This Fig tree is the smallest variety you can find making it perfect for container growing with no pruning needed. Examples of Violette de Bordeaux Family Varieties. Reliable even in cooler climates. Violette de Bordeaux is an excellent berry-flavored and productive variety. The figs are violet with black veins and their texture is dense and firm. I’m looking to move a fig or two into my front flower bed, but I’m unsure on the final size in my zone where it doesn’t die back(8a – East of Dallas, Texas). Image Credit: penandpike @ Facebook Image Credit: Ross the Fig Boss I am CaricaChris on ourfigs. You can buy now which reserves the cuttings you want but they will NOT be mailed out till the first week of January. Productive and robust, Brooklyn White, also known as Naples White, can ripen fruit after dying back to the ground following a harsh winter - an unusual trait for a light-skinned fig. Sometimes referred to by … Small rooted cuttings of ‘Violette de Bordeaux’ are available at Burpee. Contiguous U.S. only. ‘Violette de Bordeaux’ The blackish-purple fruit with purple-red pulp is known for its lovely fragrance and rich, sweet flavor. Add to cart The Violette de Bordeaux is a dwarf fig variety that yields medium fruit with red flesh. Good for container culture or small spaces due to its na You will receive the five cuttings in the pictures. I am Mark (starch on TFF and ourfigs). Regular price $14.95 Sale. A great light fig. Little Miss Figgy is pest and disease resistant. (The best of any fig … Beers Black is most often a synonym for Violette de Bordeaux, which my mother tree matches perfectly. There is a row of tabs at the bottom of the chart to view other aspects of figs as well. This video describes why the Violette de Bordeaux makes a great, must-have "anchor" fig for most gardeners. Violette de Bordeaux fig trees often produce a breba crop. Violette de Bordeaux has the darkest strawberry red flesh of any fig. Cuttings bought after January 1 generally mail out the next day Monday - Thursday. Browse our massive selection of fig plant types including: Black Mission, Panache Tiger Stripe, Texas Blue Giant, Olympian, White Marseilles, Chicago Hardy, Letizia, Violette de Bordeaux, and Lattarula Italian Honey fig … See map of retailer locations. Name Street City State Zip Phone M.O. It tastes just like a merlot wine. Violette de Bordeaux Fig. It is a good producer of small to medium, dark purple to black figs with thin skin. On the inside of the fruit, the flesh is glossy and juicy with a dark red colour and numerous beige grains. This fig tree will grow purple figs and many people say that these figs are the best-tasting figs of all. It was a tiny little thing when it came but I planted it in a gallon pot for the summer and it … The Violette is great for container growing. Violette de Bordeaux is one of the finer tasting darker figs and a must have for your collection. Small chewy violet tinged over bronze colored figs with rosy amber flesh are packed full of flavor and great for drying (can almost dry on the tree). In some figs, sheer sweetness overpowers any resin taste, while in other figs the flavors seem simply light and resin-free, as with some honey figs or with acidic and fruity berry figs. White Marseilles It is a heavy fruit producer despite its size. Tree is with same deeply cut leaves, with yellow petioles stained purple, of Black Ischia, but is very vigorous, upright, fast growing. This fig comes from the Bordeaux region of France. Marseilles, or Marseilles White, a kind of yellow honey fig with flavorful brebas and main crop. This auction is for 5 Violette de Bordeaux cuttings. The cutting sale from November 1 till January 1 is a PRE SALE. It does NOT require pollination. This is a staple fig for me as it is probably the most delicious of the widely available (i.e. I will collect your quality cuttings fresh upon paid order. The Violette de Bordeaux fig is one of the earliest figs in my collection. It produces great breba figs as well as amazing maincrop figs. For budded fruit trees, please check with them regarding rootstock choices. A customized, searchable database of edible fig varieties with advanced search, filtering, and ratings from and for fig collectors like yourself. The eye remains green until the fig is almost ripe (unlike Brown Turkey). The reason for this is fig plants go to sleep late here in Florida. Grow your own figs with a starter fig tree plant available from Burpee. This one does well in Zones 5-9, though it will need winter protection in Zones 5 and 6. I have seen him change his mind as his trees mature too. Common Fig (Ficus carica 'Violette de Bordeaux') in the Figs Database - New and Unread Tree-Mails I have 11 Violette de Bordeaux fig ranging from 1 to 3 years old and probably sold another 20 or so 1 gallon plants this year.

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