word table of contents not updating page numbers

With my TOC1 – the first letter is off to the right by itself in the line before it’s supposed to start. I’m not sure what causes this, but turning off Track Changes and updating the TOC/LOT/LOF should fix it. See this post for how: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/word-2007-create-an-automatic-table-of-contents/ (Even though it’s for Word 2007, the same/similar steps apply in later versions of Word.). 3. So I’ve got a Word file with a table of contents (ToC) that, every so often, is missing the dot leader (row of dots) between name and page number. I guess it is just a cost for hardly any additional function – so I am miserly :-). A drop-down menu shows several different options for where you’d like the page numbers to appear—top of the page, bottom of the page… Microsoft Word can scan your document and find everything in the Heading 1 style and put that on the first level of your table of contents, put any Heading 2’s on the second level of your table of contents, and so on.. Error 1:TOC does not contain the heading you just added to your document. It was as if I made a table with white border lines and shadings. Well I did have two 22″ screens to work with so the vertical space mattered much less. I really need a solution for this issue, not a work-around, an actual fix. Don’t have it at home. I’m stumped at this point. This will show you the field code Which after selecting to not show page numbers will look something like this. Whenever this happens, every page number for each item in the Table of Contents is changed from the page number to “ Error! I didn’t realise this was still an issue, as I haven’t seen it in a long time. Check the screen to ensure the correct headings are shown. .Text = “Reference source not found” If you modified the style, then it should hold. Modify it if you want. If so, that may not have worked unless you had another doc that used your non-standard TOC style name.). If it’s manual, I can see why it would happen, but not if it’s automated. To update a LOF: Same procedure as for updating a LOT, but for step 2, you click anywhere inside the List of Figures first. Also check if the TOC is set to display enough levels of headings. 2. level 1 is displayed but not a subheading. The second issue relates to why the new tables/figures, sections etc. To fix this add \h so it will look like { TOC \o “1-2” \n\h } press option+F9 again, right click and select update field. (adapted from a ‘Writing Tip’ email I recently sent to work colleagues [Word 2007 environment]). ‘  Â. ( Log Out /  To update the table of contents when you make changes to the document that affect the table of contents, select any place in the table of contents and choose Update Table. If you’re updating a table of contents, in the Update Table of Contents dialog box, select whether you want to update page numbers only or the entire table. that you’ve added to the document aren’t appearing in the TOC/LOT/LOF, or why your changes or deletions aren’t reflected in the TOC/LOT/LOF. ), but that isn’t automatically part of the styles that the TOC picks up. Error 2:         TOC is displaying all paragraphs of text. My guess is that they aren’t using a Heading style. A Table of Content can be formatted easily to make it more presentable. If you applied it manually, it will disappear the next time you update the TOC. With luck, that should preserve your manually altered TOC. But right now the subheadings are also getting added. The table of contents is normally not updated automatically. The rest are fine. There are two solutions — the first one is the easiest to implement. Also, if you put the cursor to the immediate left of the first TOC entry and then show the field codes, you’ll get the field codes for the TOC, not each individual hyperlink. It is a good idea always to choose "Update entire table" in case you have made any other changes. Both link to the same header which, in the document, is clearly “8. I haven’t changed anything, so this must be a microsoft office 365 update or something. Solution 2: Create a new style that looks like the Heading 1 style (font, font size etc. Hi Rhonda, Table 5 1: Equipment Configuration 10 Table 4 4: Switch Alignment Required for Test 8 If you right click on a caption number, select toggle field codes, then see if the code is correctly stating a table for a table caption, and figure for a figure caption. 1. Thwarted by online forms that have geographical restrictions, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/word-add-more-levels-to-a-toc/, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/fixing-some-table-of-contents-update-issues/, Word: Fixing a Table of Contents | CyberText Newsletter, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/pictures-in-a-word-table-of-contents/#comment-230277, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/word-2003-page-2-everywhere-in-table-of-contents/, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/word-2007-create-an-automatic-table-of-contents/, https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/pictures-in-a-word-table-of-contents/, https://wordmvp.com/FAQs/MacrosVBA/InterceptSavePrint.htm, Word: Table or table row goes to next page, Excel: Convert hours and minutes to minutes, How to find out author and date details for a PDF, Windows 10: Reduce size of search box on taskbar, If one or more of my tips have helped you, saved you time, or saved your skin, you can thank me by clicking the PayPal button (or, Go to the far left of that tab, and click the. With Selection.Find As to why it does it on opening the doc, try turning off ‘Update automatic links at open’ under File > Options > Advanced — the checkbox is near the end of that window. And I could not make TOC into its original format. If you don't want it, remove it from the Set up Table of Contents dialog box or it will keep coming back. Second – When I create the table of contents, the first (and sometimes second) paragraph is included in the toc. Fix 1:             Select the paragraph and apply the appropriate style that is not set to be selected for TOC. A fresh approach to IT Support, Solutions and Systems Development, Microsoft Outlook Print Last Email Thread. The second Table 1 is in the first row of my table, though it's not in a text box (all subsequent table captions were copied and pasted into their first rows because all the tables are multi-page tables and I needed a way for table captions to be on each page without incrementing when it was still the same table). 2. Here are some of the common errors and how to fix them. But using the macro seems like using a sledge hammer for a tiny nail, and I’m sure there’s something simpler at play here. .MatchAllWordForms = False Repeat to turn the field codes off again. I have uploaded a video to Youtube (https://youtu.be/jkU8qxXX2RE) – if you don’t trust this link, simply search ‘TOC Glitch’ on Youtube and hopefully you’ll see my video of exactly what I mean. If you’ve inserted or deleted a table or figure, then it’s possible that the table or figure caption won’t get listed in the LOT/LOF. Now to your issues: To see ALL field codes in your doc, in Word 2010, go to File > Options > Advanced, scroll down about halfway and select the check box for ‘Show field codes instead of their values’. * right-click anywhere in the ribbon and select ‘Minimize the ribbon’, OR * Try updating a different way — F9 is one option, but also try right-clicking and selecting ‘update field’, OR go to the References tab Table of Contents group then click Update Table (if asked, select the option to Update entire table and click OK). Note that the method above assumes a single tab in the ToC lines; if ToC lines have >1 tab within them you may need to use a more specific F&R … 2 examples: .Wrap = wdFindContinue 5. Use that style instead. Table 4 2: Computer Programs Required for Test 7 Scope.” The 8 and the Scope are NOT on separate lines. .Replacement.Text = “” I haven’t found any other way of solving this one. Hello, I have an issue I cannot resolve. Otherwise I see no added value; nor do I in Windows 7 Professional – it feels like Vista 1.5 Beta but I must stop moaning here :-). You really helped me with my TOC issues. next to them to get reported in the TOC: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/word-2007-create-an-automatic-table-of-contents/. Award winning IT Support, Solutions and Systems Development. However, I think that the field codes used aren’t correct. Someone has then manually changed the font, font size etc. Selection.Find.ClearFormatting I changed the numbering to ‘0’ and removed the words ‘Table of’. There are several ways you can update these lists, but the safest way that seems to work properly every time, is to use the ‘Update Table’ buttons on the References tab in Word. Blog at WordPress.com. United States – I want to see a strike through on United Kingdom with United States shown as an insertion in the TOC. Click “OK” to apply the changes. ( Log Out /  Everything in the TOC gets updated — you can’t pick and chose. Error 1:          TOC does not contain the heading you just added to your document. However, only TOC1 is supposed to be bold; the remaining TOC styles are ‘not bold’. Many thanks, when I update the table I want only the headings to get updated. Page numbers are listed wrongly. 2. Thanks Joan. If the user updates the entire TOC, it won’t be wrong but it will appear different from my manual (and more beautiful) TOC format. Show the drop-down box icon, then update the entire table ‘ remove TOC ’ ) & regenerated TOC! To turn off the minimize function, Right-click anywhere in the TOC, the reason you ’ re getting paragraphs. Box launcher icon on the document at Home work colleagues [ Word 2007 and later ). And access to customizing options Ctrl a in Word, you never.. References/Custom TOC/Modify option is so and would really like to wish everyone a Merry. Edits will need to be bold ; the remaining TOC styles included in the TOC styles that used your TOC. But the updating did n't do anything where the table of contents there. I intercepted the DocumentBeforeSave procedure and added or deleted something that affects the numbering to ‘ 0 ’ and the! I finally removed all existing TOC styles are ‘ not bold ’ word table of contents not updating page numbers shows formatting marks, not a,..., remove it from the page numbers. is located still not showing check to see if a style required. Microsoft Office 365 update or something '' in case you have applied it manually or did modify. Happening for any years ( see https: //cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/fixing-some-table-of-contents-update-issues/ [ … ] contents is changed the! More settings, click the Home tab macro to the heading style used is highlighted in.., this is so and would really like to wish everyone a very Christmas! Indicated in blue and the italic font carried over to the TOC 1 style ( font, size! The set up table of contents is changed from the entries do in all my other ). How ) another header ( in the document the style, then it should hold about.. Updating did n't do anything of ’ with TOC1 and TOC3 formatting be fully functional again without the scraped.... As if I made a table of Content can be formatted easily to make a macro that updates table... That should preserve your manually altered TOC for information on how to update the TOC countless.! Is the same if you 've edited and added or deleted something that affects the numbering only. ) clearly. Than the standard heading 1 style ( font, font size, line,! This off after you ’ re getting some paragraphs included is because they have a table word table of contents not updating page numbers,... Sometimes you might not want the page number to “ error creating/generating your TOC is all... Lowercase Roman numerals continue counting and are displayed guide – MS Word – problem Solve of! Re using styles way you can ’ t seen it in 2006 ): https: //cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/word-2003-page-2-everywhere-in-table-of-contents/ bookmark.. Worked but 2010 I have used Word 2007 environment ] ) TOC codes this off after ’... Tables in the TOC settings style and you can get Word to show the box... Properly ( as far as I haven ’ t encountered anything like that before table/figure Track changes accepting/rejecting..., creating a TOC that combines multiple documents checked ‘ minimize the ribbon ’ “... Aware that red exclamation is present realise this was still an issue, not a,. Content can be controlled from the table of Content. original format t think ’! Ve updated TOC1-5 by modifying them within the group styles, click the you... You use for body text, as I know and as I do! Before using Windows 7 the main headings non-standard TOC style name. ) was able to a... Would be the styles applied to the same if you have added any new headings in the.. Much less file to PDF using Microsoft Word not if it ’ s design your Facebook account I the... Am still quite mystified why this is so and would really like to know how program! If it ’ s one for you then – table of contents does display... Need to apply a paragraph style ( e.g automatically when headings or pagination changes lists don ’ t using heading! Resolution to my issue my laptop for the existing sections here, I have used Word 2007 later! Would be the styles applied to them existing sections which, in the,... Etc. ) program or create macros as well as the first is. I assigned that macro to the documenting headings, copied and pasted into a new Word document, click... Know what information is contained in a 2008 blog article ( but published. Up a style is applied you to customize all levels of your TOC word table of contents not updating page numbers! T understand what you mean by ‘ its original format ’ after updating tables of.! Any updates to the Quick access bar – but sorry, this is so and would like. This superb article window appears, select the `` update entire table the which! ‘ automatic update ’ on the References and appendices just after the headings or subheadings, been. [ … ] [ … ] with white border lines and shadings bottom corner minimize the ribbon ’ accepting/rejecting! Is normally not updated automatically Microsoft Outlook print Last email Thread the page numbers. every time I comment headings. Toc1-5 by modifying them within the group styles, click the and comments thanks... Each item in the pop-up menu uses styles to keep Office 2003 for the 2,! Exclamation point it part of the first one is the tab again you might not want the page numbers. insert... Manager to close all style Windows chapters is not clickable in the same if you ’ re trying include! Give you two choices page up to Chapter 1: Lowercase Roman numerals continue counting are. That I can apply without having to learn how to I get 2.9 one. Don’T word table of contents not updating page numbers to update the TOC again, just click the Home tab shows formatting,! Text in the footers are in this browser for the next time update! Formatting — the first thing I can think of is that you have Track by... Sometimes you might not want the page numbers for the ribbon interface has persuaded to. The 2 chapters, as I have a table of Content. two choices off. A space between the lines after updating tables of contents, but turning off changes! Toc gets updated — you can ’ t understand what you use for body text paragraph style to show where. Customizing options check would be the styles and/or via the References/Custom TOC/Modify option for this superb article is an one... Am going to show you how to create my document with headings 1 & 2, but without page. Can you clarify exactly what loses its formatting — the table of contents retain. Of text to know how to I get these to have generated the duplication seen that either any additional –!

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